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What does the 6 mean on the texting menu?


Hi @roberto.w6wqz7

Which “Texting Menu” are you seeing/using?.


When I open texting the following displays within the messaging (what I call) tool bar, See screen capture.


6 unread messages?


No. There were three messages that I had read. If I delete all messages, it still displays 6.


If I remember correctly it is the number of threads you have.


It displays even when there are no messages. The only time it does not display is when I’m in an actual text message. This is not a problem, I an just curious.Thanks.


Try wiping your cache partition. How to Clear the Android System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones Running Android 8.0 or Below – Republic Help

If that doesn’t work there’s an app for that. You really should install the updated Messages app. I found it to be cleaner and work better.


Even if you have no messages you can have threads open.


Even if you have no messages you can have threads open.

I wish I had my old Moto X with me to check, my G5s+ has android messenger as default.


I checked out my G3 prior to responding and wondering what you mean by threads open?

My # indicates the # of contacts I’ve received messages from until message opened.



By open thread, I mean the number of visible contacts on the apps main screen. You can close and delete threads to remove them from view till you receive another text.

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