Moto G 3rd Gen to 4th Gen SIM Switch?

I have a Moto G 3rd Gen. If I get the Moto G4th gen can I just switch the sim cards to keep my old number on the new phone? Are they interchangab

The SIM on you 3rd gen is not interchangeable with the new 3.0 phones

If you ordered from Republic then a SIM will be include if you are BYOD you will need to order a SIM from Republic [Amazon also carry’s it]

Either way during activation you will have the option of replacing a line and that will transfer the number to the new phone

Note if BYOD you will be on the GSM partner [T-Mobile] if order though Republic then you will get the better coverage between CDMA [Sprint] or GSM for your zip code [if coverage is good with CDMA your m likely get that as it’s what the 3rd gen used.

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