Moto G 3rd Gen waking up issues

I have a fairly new Moto G 3rd gen (still under warranty) that I’m having trouble with. It will not wake up when I am using audio apps, like Overdrive, Spotify, Pandora. When I push the power button to wake it, I get a blank blue screen. I press the power button a second time, and the blank blue screen goes away. The third push of the power button wakes up the phone. This is very annoying. I have tried rebooting, wiping cache partition, and force rebooting. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps.

If you haven’t tried it already, I would recommend putting your phone in Safe Mode

Safe Mode

to see if one of your downloaded apps is causing this behavior.

If that doesn’t work you are probably looking at Factory Reset

Factory Reset

If this behavior survives factory reset then it is most likely hardware failure.

Please open a help ticket, be sure to include all the steps you have already taken.

You may also include a link to this discussion, so that they don’t make you go through the same

troubleshooting again.

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