Moto G 3rd Gen. Won't Power On

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Moto G 3rd Gen.

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Issue Description

My phone discharged completely a couple of days ago. I left it charging overnight last night but this morning it still won’t power on when I press and hold the power button. Does the battery need to be replaced or what or do I need a new phone?

Hi @ira413!

Are you sure it was charging? If it discharged completely, there should have been a light that came on when you plugged it in. Did you see any light come on?


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On many devices, holding down the Power button for more than 10secs will do a “Soft Reboot”.
Where it is just telling the phone to reboot.
If that does not work, the device may need a forced reboot.
For phones with a removable battery,usually, u could just pull the battery, then put it back in and power on. But most phones do not have such a design anymore.

Try holding down both Power button and Vol Down button for at least 10secs.
(for some devices, it may be Power + Vol Up)
This forces a reboot of the phone.
It will not wipe any data or delete anything.

You may get a menu screen that is the Recovery Boot options.
U would select 'Reboot System" or similar to reboot the phone.
Vol up/down moves the selection, while Power would be “Enter”.

If that fails to reboot the phone, then, unfortunately, there may be a hardware failure.

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That did it! Tried it twice, once for 6 secs and it didn’t do anything, then tried for 10 secs and it finally booted into some kind of a recovery mode with a reboot option. It then powered on.
@jben and @mb2x thank you as well. Yes, the battery was fully charged when it powered on.

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Ah. Right. Some model phones, the Power + Vol down does the force reboot, and some its to enter the recovery boot menu. (which would give u the option to reboot, and factory reset etc.)

After some quick searching, Seems that for this model, the force reboot is to hold power button for 10sec. But that may not always work.

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