Moto G (3rd Generation) screen flashing



The Moto G (3rd Gen) phone that I have recently has started flashing. Initially it would flash once or twice a day, but in the past week it flashes all the time. It holds the charge but I am not sure why it keeps flashing.


see if this helps:


Hi @joes.msov5w,

We recently had another user describe her Moto X (2nd gen) flashing, and we were not able to figure out what was causing it.

Have you tried putting the phone in Safe Mode to see if the behavior continues in Safe Mode?

Is it only flashing when it’s plugged in?


The flashing/flickering occurs when it’s plugged in as well as when it’s not. Today it occurred in the morning for about 15 minutes and then it stopped and hasn’t occurred again. The occurrences are random. I have also not run the phone in Safe mode . I’d like to know what are the pros and cons of running it in Safe Mode please… Joe


Safe Mode allows the phone to operate without any third-party apps running. The idea is that if a third-party app is causing the issue, running in safe mode (and not having the issue) would be your clue that a third-party app is the problem.

One downside to using Safe Mode are that it often resets any widgets you might be using on your home screen. (Widgets are programs that provide information or tools right on the home screen, without having to first launch an app. Weather, calendars, and stock market tickers are common widgets. For instance, I use the Smooth Calendar widget on my home screen so I can always tell at a glance what my next few meetings or events are, and I always have to reconfigure it after I use Safe Mode.)

Another downside to using Safe Mode is that while you’re in Safe Mode, you wouldn’t be able to use any of your installed apps. So if it takes a while to test to be sure it’s really not flashing, you wouldn’t be able to use your favorite apps all that time.

The good thing about Safe Mode is that it does not erase any of your personal content. Your apps, photos, contacts, messages will all still be on the phone when you reboot and come out of Safe Mode.


Ok I will try running it in Safe Mode and see what happens…right now it’s not flashing so I’ll hold off . I am sure it will start flashing at some point …. Thanks for the info.


Hi @joes.msov5w,

Were you ever able to determine what was making the screen flash?


The problem persists even after trying what was suggested… screen flashing or flickering continues.


Do you have developer options enabled? There are some developer option settings that will cause the screen to flash.

If that’s not it, you may have to make a hard decision… is it disruptive enough for you to factory reset the phone and then operate the phone for a while with no third-party apps installed?

If it still flashes in the factory-reset state, then it is likely a hardware failure. If it doesn’t flash in that state, add apps back one by one, testing for a few days in between each. When it starts flashing again, think about the last few apps you’ve re-installed and that way you will narrow down the culprit.


I am not sure what you mean by developer options… how are those enabled or disabled??


Open the Settings app and scroll down through the options to see if “Developer Options” is on the list. If it’s not, then they’ve not been enabled and the flashing would not likely be due to a setting within those options.


Hi @joes.msov5w,

Were you able to determine if any developer settings were causing the screen to flash?


Yes I checked it and the flashing continues …. not sure what I should do next?.. Joe


Hi @joes.msov5w,

Reading back through this topic I’m not entirely certain if the flashing happened while the phone was in Safe Mode?


Yes it did flash in safe mode too… my apologies for not clearly mentioning it… Joe


I think your last hope then is to factory reset the phone and use it a while without any third-party apps to see if the issue persists. If it keeps happening with no third-party apps installed, it is most likely a hardware issue.


OK Thank you for the feedback… Joe


I just tried the phone in safe mode and noticed it is not flashing. So the flashing starts back on when I take it off Safe Mode and go back to regular type… This is the latest observation.


That indicates a 3rd party app is likely causing the issue. Do you have anything installed that controls the screen. Something like a screen recorder app, a “blue filter”, a brightness control app, or anything like that?


I don’t have any apps that controls the screen…like the ones you have mentioned…