Moto G 3rd generation will ring but call will not go through

Can send and receive texts but when making a call it will ring about 3 times and then quit. Call does not go through and cannot receive calls.

Try running through the troubleshooting steps in this document:

Make and Receive a Phone Call

If these don’t help, is this happening on Cell, WiFi or both? Does this happen on incoming calls, outgoing calls or both?

Unfortunately that didn’t work. It does it on cell and wifi, outgoing calls it rings about 5 times but the call never goes through. You get a busy signal when calling this number.

If you ran through the troubleshooting steps that involved dialing the special codes and people still get a busy signal when dialing your number then a service ticket is necessary since this appears to be a routing problem. After opening a ticket it will be helpful to RW support if you go to the call log in your account and copy a couple of failed test calls placed immediately after opening the ticket. Then paste these log entries into a reply to the initial response you get after opening the ticket. RW will then examine those calls to find out if they are routed improperly.

Also, when it comes to routing problems, they are often at the exchange being called or from which calls are being placed. If the failed calls are to a particular exchange but calls to other exchanges and from one RW phone to another succeed, then a service ticket should be opened by someone who subscribes to that exchange.

To open a service ticket just click on Help at the top of this page and follow the screen prompts.

Let us know how this turns out.


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