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Both a friend and I have Moto G 3rd Generation phones. On his phone when he opens up messaging there is a number that appears in the black band at the top of the screen. I don’t see that on my phone and thus far neither of us have been able to determine what that number is or represents and how to remove it or why I don’t see it on my phone. Any help would be appreciated. I should see my friend tomorrow. Thank you.

Hi @cyrilp.b and welcome back to the Member Community. I assume you are both using Google Messages? I don’t have a Moto G 3rd Gen to look at. This might be a case where a screenshot could really help. Could you post a screenshot from your friends phone (since he has the black band with numbers) that you’re asking about?

Here’s a document for taking a screenshot – How to Take a Screenshot – Republic Help

And here’s – How to Share a Photo or Screenshot in Our Member Community – Republic Help

Maybe another Member more familiar with the Moto G 3rd Gen will already know what the black band is too :grinning:

Hi freddyp,

Thank you for your quick response. I met with my friend thus morning for breakfast and told him I had inquired to the community as to what that number on his phone meant. He told me he had been playing around with various settings or functions on his phone and had somehow caused the number in question to disappear. Of course he has no idea what he did or at what point it disappeared but it is gone, so I cannot take a screenshot to show you. I have to assume for all intents and purposes that my efforts here are done. I won’t see him again for at least a week or so. So I want to thank you for your response and ask that this request be closed. Thank you again.


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