Moto G 3rd no keyboard

Daughters Moto G 3rd has lost the key board. How does she get it back?

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en !
A swipe down of the notification shade (from the top of the phone) and getting into settings should show the option for “language and input”. I’m assuming you’re on the android 8 (Marshmallow). In later versions it might be located under “system”.

Once in “language and input” you should see “Virtual keyboard” This is where you can choose your keyboard. (Googles “Gboard” is a good choice)

Hope that helps!

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No virtual keyboard there; tried that before I posted here. This is a Moto G 3rd generation

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You may need to push a download from Google play store to if it’s been removed
From a computer open a browser and login the the Google account that’s on the phone then go to the Google Play store and search for Gboard and install

Humm, let’s try a different approach…
Go to the Google Play store and look for Gboard (the app). If it’s not installed, install it. :slight_smile:
fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

She does not have a computer and does not live with me but about 2 hours away. She did download a keyboard from Google Play and has a key board but cannot type on it

Ok, so I understand a little better…
You’re getting this info from a source 2 hours away and are doing the best you can relating the information. gotcha! :wink:
So it sounds like your daughters phone has a keyboard… that she downloaded (from google play)…but “can’t type on it”.

Does this mean she sees the keyboard but when she tried to type nothing shows?
The keyboard she downloaded is now not showing up at all… a different keyboard is…
No keyboard is showing up at all.

Once I can understand a little better i’m sure we can figure it out!

Yes sees the keyboard but when she tried to type nothing shows

Ok, I’m assuming for now this is not a hardware issue (like the screen or something physical with the phone) and will proceed with it as a software one. :wink:

Start with a easy one… has she rebooted the phone?

Ok, next… I would (again going into the phone settings) go to your installed apps and find the keyboard app she downloaded. Then “Force Stop it” then under storage (same area), clear the cache. reboot the phone.

If that don’t’ work, do as above but when you find the app again, uninstall it. This should put the default keyboard back. Does it work? after a reboot of the phone you can try to download and reinstall the keyboard she likes.

I was on the phone with her when she installed the key board,. I had her reboot but she could not type on the key board.

What is the name of the keyboard app if I may ask… is it possible it has a locking feature that got turned on?

Go to the play store and download one they got multiple ones for free if you don’t like one you download get rid of it get another one so you find one of your liking.

She was able to get it fixed by downloading a keyboard


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