Moto G 4 Plus randomly hanging up


I have a Moto G4 Plus. For the most part it works fine., BUT I will be in the middle of a conversation and it just ends my call. I have not left my service area (heck I haven’t even moved). This happened yesterday on one conversation 3 times. Drives me nuts!. I have to keep calling people back. I tell people that my phone decides when it done talking to them randomly. Anyone else have this issue? I really can’t afford another phone :frowning: I just got my twins ones for Christmas so I have to keep this one for a bit.
Any help?


power off and back on

If you are using a case, cover or screen protector, remove it and see if it was causing the issue. removing the sim card and reinsert it

resetting the Network Settings

Check your volume setting.

Check that nothing is covering the microphone

Check if a software update is available for your phone.

Use safe mode to see if apps you installed are causing the issue and uninstall as needed.

Clear the phone’s cache partition.

last resort

Reset the phone.

repair or replace


Hi @tinab,

Do these disconnects happen on Wi-Fi or cell?


it happens on when i am on both cell and wifi


Has it always happened, or did this behavior start recently?


It has been happening for a while it is just getting worse. I took my case off for a while thinking it was that but it didn’t help.


So, “for a while” but not always? So it’s possible something changed that made this start happening, not that it’s been like this since you first took the phone out of the box.

How are you using the phone when it happens? Anything consistent there? For example, does it always happen on bluetooth, on speakerphone, with earbuds, or when you are holding the phone to your ear?

As a test, try having a call on speakerphone, and watch the phone carefully. Does anything in particular happen just as the phone disconnects?


I will, I think the last time an update came through it got worse, ,but I can’t for sure that is positive. It is a joke with my family when I am talking to them and it hangs up on them… I tell them I guess my phone has decided I am done talking to you :slight_smile: Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and I was on Bluetooth in my car and it did it 3 times.


Hi @tinab,

Have you made any new discoveries about this issue, or any progress?

I noticed when you first wrote about it, you said that when it happens, you haven’t even moved, but in your latest reply, you mentioned you were on Bluetooth in your car. I have to imagine if you were in your car, you might have been moving.

Do you have a patient friend who might let you do some testing with them? it would be very useful to determine whether the issue always happens on Wi-Fi or on cell, or on both, and whether you can get it to always do the same thing in a particular place. Sometimes there are Wi-Fi router settings that can be adjusted to keep a call from dropping at specific time. Sometimes we need to evaluate your cellular coverage. Bluetooth adds another layer of possible issues into the mix.

If we can isolate the specifics of the issue, then we can start working on a solution. But it’s definitely not something we want you to have to put up with.


I will have to do this after the holiday, it is something that happens on both WiFi and cell whether I have the Bluetooth on or off(I have turned the Bluetooth off to see if that would help) but I have to much going on right now to test with someone for right now.

I am just dealing with it for now. I usually just call the person back (sometimes I have to reboot the phone).

I have looked at my router, but since I have 2 other phones with Republic that don’t have this issue (well I have 4 other ones but 2 we haven’t given to my kids yet) I don’t think it is a router issue.

I think my phone is just crapping out on me and if I had the money to replace it I would. The battery does not last very long anymore and it does the random hang up or sometimes it just reboots on its own. Personally I think the thing is possessed but it has been a good phone for me so I deal with it until it dies or I can get a new one.



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