Moto G 4 Plus vs Moto X Pure

I am trying to decide between these two phones. I currently have a Moto G 3rd Gen and it seems pretty slow and not much storage, always having to delete something. Fingerprint sensor is not a big deal as I’ve never had one and never felt the need for one. I would like a good camera. And a good display, seems like the Moto X Pure has the better of the two. One Youtube video showed a big difference between the two as far as picture quality and the Moto G Plus looked much better. But that was just one comparison, couldn’t find any other. Thank you for any input.

Many compare topic for these 2 phones don’t know if any one can improve on what already said

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which phone is better, Moto G4 plus or the Moto X pure?

Moto X Pure vs Moto G4 Plus

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Moto G4 Plus vs. Moto X Pure■■■■

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