Moto G 4th Gen repeatedly types o’s, O’s and 9’s - and jumps all over the place

Motorola G4
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I have read the entry similarly titled to this, but with the G4 Plus. I am just making this entry to confim this is more common than what was previously thought. I have this problem often with my phone, which is now about one year old. This used to happen every other month, but today it happened every couple of hours. I have uninstalled apps and cleared caches. The only thing that gets it back to normal is restarting my phone a couple times in a row.

TBH, I am incrediby disappointed as I had the first generation of this phone with RW for 4 years with no problems. In fact, I only upgraded because it was running out of what little memory it had.

Even if I can’t fix it, I’ll have to live with it for at least another year because I cannot justify buying a brand new phone this soon. The point of going with RW is saving money. Sucks but what can you do?

You are correct, this is quite a widespread issue. I would reach out to Motorola and keep asking for escalations until someone is willing to do the right thing about your phone.


Try contacting Motorola while your phone is still under warranty.

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