Moto G 5 Plus Battery Life


What phone do you have? Moto G 5 Plus

What plan are you on? 3G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

This morning my phone started to really over heat and my battery life is so short now. The only thing different is last night I installed the newest system update. Did that destroy my phone? I usually charge it every night, is that what's wrong? I tried turning my phone off for a long period of time to cool down, but once it was back on, it a Ted the same way again. What's wrong with my phone and how can I fix it?

Latest Update for Moto G5
System update woes

This has been a huge issue as well for me today, although I noticed it this morning before installing the system update. I thought that installing the update might help but it’s still just sucking battery. Android system seems to be the culprit. Right now I just turned my phone off at exactly 50% charge and Android system has contributed to almost 10% of that drain.

Any word on what’s going on would be great. Just using my phone normally I could easily last 1.5 days before needing to charge. Now it’s 8 hours of charge max without doing anything.


My wife and I are experiencing the same problem. I used to go a couple days before having to charge my phone. Did the update this morning and my battery is down to 40% after about 7 hours. I’ve hardly done anything with my phone all day. I hope they fix this soon. I really used to enjoy my 48 hours of battery life!


I am having the same problem! After installing the system update this week, I have only been able to get 8-9 hours of battery life out of my Moto G5 Plus.


Hi @sara, @natea, @kevinl.dmegtr and @courtneym.ro533u,

What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far? Have you made sure all the apps on the phone are up to date?


My wife is having the same problem with her Moto G5 Plus today – overheating and rapidly depleting battery. Is there any way to roll back the OS update?


I’ve tried resetting my phone multiple times, and phone is ok, until all my apps are up to date. That’s when the problem starts.


Thank you all so much for answering my help ticket with your stories of the same struggle. This kind of stuff really gives me high anxiety, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this :slight_smile:


Hi @courtneym.ro533u, if you operate the phone in Safe Mode does it continue to consume the battery too quickly?


This seems to be an issue with the August update. There is a small discussion in the Moto forums here: and some discussions on Reddit as well: .

There are scattered reports of a System Cache Clear helping the issue although others say it does not.

I would suggest a system cache clear (the directions that start with the phone off here: Clearing the Cache – Republic Help and if that doesn’t resolve the issue then a call to Moto to make sure your voice is heard along with others having this issue after the update:


Same here. Moto G5 plus put into service with Republic about 18 months ago. Battery has been fine up to last update. Now drains in a few hours. Battery stats look like the above screenshot. Google Services, Android OS, and Android System seem to be the culprits. If anyone has a solution, please…!


Thanks for the tip. Clearing the cache didn’t help in my case, and my apps are up to date.


Tried Cache Clear…its only a temporary solution for a few hours, then it drains my battery again


Yes I tried. No luck


Moto G5 Plus. Please add me to the list of those who updated the phone and are now experiencing awful battery life and sluggish apps.


There isn’t a list here. You need to reach out to Motorola, who made the phone and the update that is causing the issue, and let them know.



what I have read

safe mode

clear cache

recalibrate the battery

turn off under location
wifi scanning and bluetooth scanning

factory reset

various levels of success


I’m always hesitant to recommend a factory reset to anyone, because for some of us it is a lot of work to get our phones back like we want them.

However, if a phone does start exhibiting issues after an OS update, especially one as extensive as upgrading to the next Android build (rather than just a security patch) and factory reset is a worthwhile step when nothing else seems to help.

@courtneym.ro533u, @kevinl.dmegtr, @natea, @sara, @elhays, @robertt.z6izvy, @guyk.dyouqw,

Is any one of you in a position where a factory reset would not be too much of a burden - your photos, music and other personal content are already nicely backed up online, your text messages are backed up thanks to a third-party app (or you don’t hoard them since the beginning of time like I do) and important app data and your homescreen settings are backed up and stored elsewhere?

If so, and if you’d be willing to go first to do a factory reset, let us know you’re volunteering to go first, give it a try, then reply back here in this topic to let us know if it helped, I’ll be glad to send you a little something from our Community Treasure Chest to thank you for your assistance to our Member Community.


The following steps seem to have worked for me. After I did this the phone ran fine (no excessive battery drain) all yesterday and is continuing fine today. I got these steps from a reddit user:

Boot into safe mode.

1 .Uninstall all Google Play services updates (disable google play services - replace with factory version) (you may have to take Google Play/etc. off your device administrators list).

  1. Open the google play store to let that fetch and install the newest update of google play services.

  2. Restart to exit safe mode.


Thanks @robertt.z6izvy, keep us posted and we’ll hold off having anyone factory reset for now!