Moto G 5 S Plus in France

Has anyone used the Moto G 5 S Plus in France with a French SIM Card, e.g. Orange?

From what I read on other posts I can swap out my Republic SIM for an Orange SIM. However, calls will go to voicemail and I would have to swap out the Orange SIM to Republic to retrieve messages. This seems less than ideal.

Also, will texts still arrive on the Anywhere app in a timely fashion?

We will be meeting up with various friends during our travels and need to coordinate plans.

Phone works great (for texts and call) on the Republic SIM as long as we have wife but this trip we will be out and about away from wifi with the need to connect via cellular.

Hi @brigidd and welcome to the Community!

Our Community Manager @southpaw traveled recently in France with a Republic phone. I believe she used Lebara, however, there’s no reason to believe Orange wouldn’t work also.

You are correct. As far as it being less than ideal, it’s the nature of things. All Republic compatible phones capable of using local (in country) cellular service when outside the U.S. are single SIM. A SIM specific to the service one wants to use is required. Switching between multiple services on the same phone requires swapping SIMs.

If you have an older Republic compatible phone, temporarily moving Republic service to that, then using your G5S Plus exclusively with a local SIM is an option but would require carrying two phones.

Presuming a good WiFi or local cellular data connection, yes.

Are they residents of France or are they also traveling there? I ask because if they reside in France (or elsewhere in the EU), you’ll likely prefer to use local cellular service to communicate with them. Republic phones are unable to natively call or send text messages to numbers other than U.S. or Canadian numbers. International calling for use when on WiFi leveraging third party services is added relatively easily at modest expense. Some options are mentioned here: Calling Internationally with a Republic Phone. Unfortunately, there’s no great solution for texting numbers other than U.S. or Canadian numbers from a Republic phone. If the other end of the conversation is also using a smartphone and willing to use the same app, Skype and WhatsApp are options.

If you haven’t seen it, some general guidance for traveling internationally with a Republic phone is here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

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