Moto G 5S Plus looping on splash screen sequence after update


Hello. I just applied the latest system update for my Moto G 5s Plus. It now seems to be stuck looping with the motorola spash screen sequence. It never actually starts. It was working before attempting the update.
If I hold the power button down, it seems like it will restart, it shows the first part of the reset sequence longer, then goes into the splash screen sequence. Then it goes into the loop again.


Unfortunately sometimes this happens after an update to OS.

Please clear the Android System Cache:

If it doesn’t clear up, please do a factory reset. You’ll need your Google login information and your lock screen information for a factory reset through recovery mode.



@vinces.e2n5zj Are you still having this issue?


No. I had to resort to the factory reset but it is ok now.


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