Moto G 6 - Other parties cannot hear me when taking calls

What phone do you have?
Moto G 6
What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Data, talk & text all included.

When I get a call or make a call, I can hear the other party just fine but they cannot hear me. This is happening on wifi, I have not tried calling when off wifi.

Just got the phone, I find nothing in the Setting> Sound area that seems to be wrong. Any help is appreciated as this new phone is needed for work tomorrow. Thanks - Mk

Issue Description

  • Did you have a Republic VoIP phone before?
    • If No, this could be a setting in your router … Type/Model/Ver (off the label on the back bottom usually)

Not sure if my Moto G was VOIP. I can send the router info, but I have confirmed the same issue of not being heard by the other party exits when I am away/off of WIFI, I just drove up the street and the same thing occurs.

Speaker phone DOES work, but when I come off speaker phone I cannot be heard. Since this is a new phone we also removed the new protective case and that did not make any difference.

IF the phone is a Moto the access :motohelp: found in the :appsicon: and Select the ‘Fix’ Tab then Hardware Test
This will allow you to test the Microphone
It sounds to me like you have a Defective New and may need to follow the Warranty path

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Yes, the Microphone failed the test x 3. I will need to reacivate the old phone if I can and return this phone. Thankks for your help.


They also have a low volume on in coming calls to. Moto had no fix also FI had no fix either,
Returned the phone back in.

Hi @markd.7spkua,

Please open a ticket to work with our support team on the return.

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