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For those that remember me… I am back
I have decided to buy the Moto G6 Play for myself and give my hubby my Moto G5 Plus; mostly because I cannot find a belt loop case that will fit a larger phone for him and the 6 is larger than the 5.
I recall when upgrading phones the transfer is easy but I don’t recall the process. The question I have is I would like the information on both phones to remain the same other than phone number, email and pass words. We have the same contacts on both of our phones.
Basically what I am asking when you transfer from one phone to another phone is the information on the older phone wiped out (reset)?

Are the two older phones the same now?

If so, when you update each phone, they should remain the same. On the current (not the new) phones, check to see that backup is enabled in both.

Settings > System > Backup

Just use the standard transfer process. Everything was carried over for me.

Moto G6 Play holster case. Available in black, blue, and camo:

No not a belt holster a belt clip has loops on the back and loops through the belt. The type you pictured breaks easily on him.

There’s this case:

If you’re determined to make this difficult, you’ll activate the G6 Play as a replacement for the G5 Plus. When the G6 Play is all set up as you like it, you’ll perform a factory reset on the G5 Plus. Your husband can then activate the G5 Plus a replacement for his Moto X 2nd gen.

cbwahlstrom Honest I am not trying to make this difficult. I did not search ebay because I was burned on the last 2 purchases there. And I am Amazon Prime.
I actually did consider another G5 Plus for him because my phone and case fits his belt loop case perfectly. I did consider buying a refurbished from G5 from ebay. Are the ebay phones really any good with just a 30 day guarantee?
Also he has broke a few vertical clips where as the horizontal loops on his belt seem indestructible.

No. I wouldn’t buy a phone for use on Republic Wireless from eBay. In your case, I would only buy the phone from Republic Wireless.

The G6 Play is only 0.2" longer and a little narrower than the G5 Plus.

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