Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.) no sound/speaker

What phone do you have? Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.)

What plan are you on? $10 text/call

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no just text and talk

Issue Description

this is my husbands phone, all of a sudden when he answers the phone, the ringtone is ok it is ringing nice and loud, but then, he cannot hear the other person nor can the other person hear him, When he clicks on the speaker phone icon then he can talk on the phone, but of course due to privacy issues he cannot always talk on speaker phone. Also when ear plugs are used he can hear music, radio etc. Could you tell us if it is a software/ app or hardware issue, any advice to fix this.

If it is a software issue then booting into safe mode would solve the issue.

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Thanks, we did try safe mode, the phone does the same thing, any further suggestions?
Thanks Alex

Hi @alexandraw.u6jjsk,

Make sure Bluetooth is turned off.

We’ve seen some examples where the mechanism in the headset jack gets jammed, registering as if there were still a headset plugged in even when there isn’t. Sometimes people have found they can solve this issue by plugging and unplugging a headset into the jack a few times.


It would not hurt to run a hardware test on earpiece speaker
open app drawer (:appsicon:) and find the device help app (:motohelp:) go to the fixit tab and there you can run hardware test

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I did find a solution, apparently it is a software issue, I plugged in ear phones, took them out, restarted the phone and it works. It seems like the phone got stuck in “earphone” setting. Hopefully this easy fix :slight_smile: can help someone else!

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