Moto G Anywhere only working well with wifi



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I love the Anywhere look and feel - just installed it yesterday on my PC and phone. Changed the default messing system to be Anywhere. Tested it at home (on wi-fi), no problems. Was then out of wifi range, and my text messages state that “sending is disabled”. The only way I could send a text message was to change the default back to the phone’s regular messenger application. We played around with the defaults a bit - changed it BACK to Anywhere, and I was able to send ONE text message, but then it reverted back to saying that Sending is disabled. Am wondering if maybe the older phone doesn’t fully support it? Works fine now - but I"m back home on wifi!


first thing I would check is that data is turn on in the android setting
anywhere change text to be IP base (like 3.0 phones) so a data connection to the phone is required (one is not charged for this data and can still turn off apps access to data in the Republic app)(this includes roaming data)


I had a similar issue. As @drm186 mentioned make sure Data is turned on and turn on Roaming Data too. If this doesn’t correct the problem, uninstall the app through Google Play Store, restart the phone and install it again, then restart the phone and test it out.


Thanks for the replies. All is working well now. I think it was caused by a conflicting wifi connection - and the two recommendations tend to support that because I think my data connection was being impacted. Sadly I can’t point to a clear path that resolved the issue, but it’s working now, and working well. (It’s also interesting that so many users are complaining about the fonts / colors in the interface because I love them - finding them easier on tired eyes than the default messaging app!)


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