Moto G as an MP3 player?

Might be a strange question but here goes…

Replaced my Moto G 3rd gen recently. Is it at al possible and does it make any sense to use this old phone as an MP3 type player?
Delete everything from it?
Is there an app that would help?
Use I tunes?
If the phone is not activated will it still work for this application?
Thanks for your input

Sure, it could certainly be used as an MP3 player. It has that capability, to some extent, already built into it. The phone can also be used as a hand held, small screen tablet when not activated. It still works over WiFi whether it is activate for mobile phone use or not. There is a Google audio player app already on the phone. I’m sure there are a multitude of apps in the Play store that might even make it a better MP3 player.

Music or podcasts can be downloaded for offline play. Or, it can stream audio when connected to WiFi. You can even enable GPS and use it as a road navigator when traveling if you have an app, such as HERE WeGo, that lets your download maps for offline use. Google Maps also allows you to store map areas for offline use.


OK, I want to do this with my old Moto X for my hubby, who has no cell phone and does not ever want one.
What all can I delete from the phone (RW app?)
I know to disable cell, but is there a more permanent way to turn cell off?
Disable the Activate Now screen?
Account Action required? Is that for google account? Can I change that to my hubby?

Any advice appreciated.

You would need to preform a Factory Reset.
Then add his Google account to the phone during the setup afterwards.
You do not need to activate the phone on R.W.

Thank you very much, SpeedingChetah!

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