Moto G battery life



When I first got this Moto G third generation phone, it only needed charging once every three days. Now it needs charging daily. I got it only four months ago (November 9, 2016). Does it need a new battery already? I charge it daily now, and by the next morning, it will only have 30% or less left, unless I turn it off (and then, turning it back on, it won’t be able to connect to wifi sometimes, and I have to reboot it again, and it no longer automatically connects to networks, even my home network, and Settings will not always work, giving me a black screen, or a message that it has “stopped”).


Take a look at your battery discharge graph. Two finger slide from the top on the home screen.

Tap on battery percentage.

This will show you which apps are using your battery. That should help you figure out if there are

any apps that are using your battery excessively.

You can also place the phone in Safe Mode

Safe Mode

If it works better in safe mode then one of your downloaded apps is the cause of the battery drain.

Was the reduction in battery life a gradual phenomenon or do you recall installing or updating anything

on your phone that might have triggered this?

In generic terms…most cell phones…with moderate usage will only yield a day to a day and a half

worth of battery life . So, your earlier observation of 3 days is definitely on the high end of that spectrum.


Thanks, Amitl,

When I swipe down, I see the battery icon with the percentage, and when I tap it, it takes me to battery history (where it gives me the estimate that it will last 3 days, lol! And it DID used to–I don’t use my phone very much). Tapping on percentage there brings up the history graph taller with some apps listed underneath, but no data as to how they affect battery usage. I took screenshots, which I’ll attach.

The latest app I added was Dropbox, because I was trying to figure out how to add photos to Instagram from my computer (I do not have Instagram installed on my phone), but I still have not figured it out yet. I think it was only recently when it started discharging much faster, usually overnight, so perhaps I will try the Safe mode, next.


I would not put too much emphasis on the initial trajectory of the battery discharge profile…but when you take a look at it after a few hours…hopefully you will get additional info about which apps are using your battery the most.

For Dropbox…you might want to check what kind of background syncing is going on with the app and if you have any options to limit how often it syncs. Safe Mode will help with that as well. Of course, Safe Mode is really only intended for debugging as it won’t let you use any of your downloaded apps in Safe Mode.


Yes, after a day, the information is more valuable, lol! Most of the battery life seems to be spent on “Cell Standby,” even though my phone is connected to the home network. This morning about an hour ago, it showed “Cell Standby” as taking up 39% of the battery life, whereas Wifi was 1%. On my husband’s phone (same model, bought at the same time), both Cell Standby and WiFi are at 1% battery usage, so that is the main difference.

I actually uninstalled Dropbox last night, in case that was the cause of the difficulty, because I don’t use it on my phone anyway, and never yet got around to trying that Instagram workaround. It IS actually a little better this morning than normal–usually it is at 30% or less in the morning, and today it was just over 50%.

Would there be something in my settings causing Cell Standby to take up more power than on my husband’s phone? I rarely leave home, so my phone is mostly at home connected to WiFi services, whereas he travels around a lot.


This update from RW talks about reporting error with cell standby and not necessarily high battery usage by cell standby.…

Does your husband’s phone get longer battery life during the same period of time?

I’m wondering if your phone is suffering from this cell standby reporting issue…or there is a genuine issue with cell standby.

Here is a rather lengthy discussion that you might find useful…but it doesn’t provide concrete solutions. Some users did report that when their phones showed high cellular standby they did also get reduced battery life from their phones while

others seem to agree with Republic’s position that it is a reporting error.

The Lollipop cell standby battery drain issue and your monthly bill

As for debugging…the other things to try would be

Clearing the Cache

and if that doesn’t help look at a

Factory Reset

Since the phone is only a few months old, you may want to open a help ticket and explore if you might have any options since the phone carries a one year warranty


I wouldn’t get too concerned about the percentage shown by cell standby. I think that figure seems pretty normal to me. You do have a few more “Awakes” then normal for someone who doesn’t use their phone much. Do you have the same apps on your phone as your husbands? Those Awakes will use up some of your battery. Awakes are often caused by some app updating.

Do as @amitl suggests and clear the cache and test. Rebooting the phone often helps restore battery life, and a factory reset petty much always works until you start downloading a bunch of apps.


My husband last charged his phone on Saturday and it’s now at 75%, and he usually goes for 3, even 4 days without charging, so yes, he gets better battery life out of his phone! I hate to do a factory reset because then I have to enter all my passwords again and lose all messages, blocked cell numbers, etc., but I’ve just cleared the cache…

One thing that does confuse me is that we are on a 1.0 plan (back when that was the ONLY plan, lol) of WiFi/cell for calls and SMS, but WiFi only for data, yet it has “Data Usage” for “Cell Data” enabled, and mine has the Republic Wireless app using nearly 60MB, whereas my husband’s has used less than 4MB for the same app (Republic Wireless is the biggest user on both phones in this category). Could that make a difference?

I looked at that thread, but a lot of it went over my head so perhaps opening a ticket may be the way to go. Certainly our bill has stayed the same, and while it may be that it is incorrectly reporting data usage of Cell Standby (although that article said that Moto X was the only device with such an issue), the battery IS draining faster than it used to.


I’m afraid to reboot the phone after what happened on this trip this weekend–the Settings stopped working! But it did work again after rebooting a second time. Partly it has so many “awakes” because I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this issue, and have to turn on the screen to do that, but also, every time the table is bumped, the screen turns on, but it has been updating a bunch of apps that I wish I could get rid of, most of them with “google” in the name, but I don’t know what half of them do.

Sherman has less apps than I do, I think, but has different ones–like he has Google Starmap, but I have a couple of weather apps, as well as a few I may uninstall because I don’t use them or don’t know how to set them up (like Greenify).


One simple thing to try would be to put the phone in airplane mode…and then turn wifi back on. In this mode, you can use the phone on WiFi only…but if you run that experiment and still find “cell standby” as being reported on your battery graph…then something is definitely amiss…as the cellular radio should be off in Airplane mode.

I agree that a ticket might be your best option going forward…although it might not be a quick fix…I would recommend that you note this discussion in your ticket…so that they won’t make you repeat the steps that you have already taken.


Ahhhh, yes, I think we’re on to something! I switched it to Airplane mode this afternoon, but did not need to turn WiFi on–it came on automatically after about 15 seconds (as I was going back to the email to look at procedure), and so far, the Cellular Data has continued to go up even though the phone has been in WiFi mode for a few hours now (but only by about 1% per hour, instead of 5% or so).

So thank you, I will start a ticket. It does seem as though it’s not losing power quite as quickly in Airplane mode, as the graph doesn’t veer down as sharply in those hours as the overall projection.


I do not know if opening a ticket will help. We set our standard at 24 hours. It you make it a full day then we would probably not look to replace it and with battery issues there is little we can do remotely other than the things suggested in this community.


So you are saying that with a four month old phone, the only fix I have available is to keep it in Airplane mode all the time because the drain is not as quick even though it’s still searching for cell signal? Or just do a factory reset? My husband’s phone only shows Cell Standby at 1% whereas mine shows 46%, and it was at 41% when I switched it to Airplane mode!


No Airplane mode is a way to test. If it was showing 41% in airplane mode, that means it is the reporting bug and is probably not really draining. Just reporting it at 41%


If Airplane mode is a way to test, then the fact that it’s reporting Cell Standby usage is merely a reporting bug? Would there be any other reason that it is not losing power in Airplane mode than in normal mode?

But, as it happens, I just got an email from tech support while connecting my phone to get the screenshot, and the tech DID have a good idea for troubleshooting! It was the same steps, but with one other thing thrown in–the timing of doing the steps, which makes a difference.


When in airplane mode the phone’s cellular radio is OFF. The cellular radio uses battery to keep connected to towers. Especially if cellular signal fluctuates. If the signal is real bad it will drain a phone. Like if you travel on an airplane and leave the phone on in your luggage, it will be almost dead and probably hot by landing.


This cell standby problem seems to be quite recent. My Moto-G is a couple years old, and has been working fine. I’m pretty sure that it’s one of the software updates. If I had to bet, I would bet it’s one of the 5 billion Google “tools” that Google shoves onto our phones, every chance they get. Mine (and my wife’s) just started doing this in the last few days.

About a year back, I had a low end tablet. It would idle (sleeping) for a week or so without difficulty. All of a sudden, it would go dead overnight, with no use at all. It was Google Play Services. I brain-deaded the device, brought it up again – and again Google Play Services would eat all the battery. I repeated the brain-dead, left the network off, and went into Apps… And turned off and uninstalled every Google piece of crap that I could. Suddenly my battery will again run a week or so…

I installed a different App manager, but not sure if we can do that with the Moto-G. How much of it’s operation depends on Google Garbage? Maybe R.W. can tell us – or create an alternative to installing the Google Overlord…


Clearing the cache helped some. I was observing a drain of about 10% per hour. I got it down to 6%… This is still absurdly high. I used to get 2 or 3 days of normal use. Now I get less than 1 day while barely using it…

I just tried this change, so we’ll see what happens:

Huge improvement in battery life


OK, so something changed – and I don’t believe that it’s the mod above, or removing and reinstalling the 2 Republic apps, and not the 20 other adjustments I made…

But my battery drain is now back down in the 1-2%/hour range.

I’m pretty sure it was one of the apps causing this – perhaps a setting on the other end, that never let the phone go to sleep?.. But the power consumption is now back in the range where it used to operate…


I think I figured it out–I’d tried to pair a bluetooth headset for a business call and couldn’t get it to work when the client called and I used speakerphone instead and forgot all about turning bluetooth on. Meanwhile it was searching to pair with something that was turned off, so running the battery down. I turned off bluetooth and my battery performance returned to normal.