Moto G Fast Early Adopter Feedback Request

(This topic is publicly visible, but only those participating in our Moto G Fast Early Adopter beta can respond.)

Hi @moto_g_fast_beta testers!

As you receive and activate your phones, please let us know what you think. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. How did activation go? Any problems?
  2. Are calling and texting working as intended on both WiFi and cell?
  3. How is the phone performing? How does it compare to your previous phone (and what were you using before?)
  4. What do you think of the cameras? Share a photo sample or two in Moto G Fast photo samples, please!
  5. Have you tried any Bluetooth connectivity? Calls over Bluetooth in the car? How does everything sound?
  6. Have you tried the fingerprint reader? Is it consistent?
  7. Any other thoughts you might want to share?
  8. Having tried it, would you want to keep using this phone?

We’re looking at a fairly short test period, and we’re eager to have your feedback.

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My Moto G Fast arrived this week though I ordered right after the beta was announced. It was frustrating to want to test something that was stuck on back-order. I ordered mine from B&H Photo. I have used them before successfully. Other than the delay due to the back-order, I think they did well and I will order from them again.

  1. I just got it activated - that was very smooth as I have a GSM SIM. It was super easy and quick.
  2. Talk and text work well for me. I mostly use WiFi.
  3. It’s taking a bit of an adjustment to Android 10 but apps start right up. The phone fits easily in my hand.
  4. I’ve taken one picture with the camera. It’s clear there are many options and features for me to learn but they didn’t get in the way of the one picture I wanted to take.
  5. I don’t use Bluetooth. My car is too old.
  6. I have not tried the fingerprint reader. I don’t use this feature to unlock my phone.
  7. I have been very satisfied with the performance of the various Moto G phones my family has had over the years. Mrs. 5 is still using an RW G1. My biggest concern about the Moto G Fast is that the phone is so new, finding a case is proving to be a challenge.
  8. Yes, I plan to keep using the phone. As soon as I can find a suitable case, I’ll keep using the phone without being anxious about breaking it.
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I picked up my Moto G Fast from a local tech store the day it was released, after looking for a new phone. I upgraded from a Moto G3, so there is also a lot for me to get used to.

  1. Activation worked really smooth for me also. Since I was still on version 1 of the Republic Wireless plans I did have to switch to the latest My Choice plans with the new phone, but I was prompted during the activation and it wasn’t a problem.
  2. For the most part calling has been working fine. I had some trouble in a rural area, so probably just with the partner network reception (it was also around the day that TMobile had nationwide outages, so that may have been it). I’ve also had a few calls on wifi that just seemed to drop, which was odd. Texting seems to be working better than on my old phone: before I didn’t always get MMS messages, but that isn’t a problem now.
  3. Like I said, the phone is a big upgrade from my Moto G3. I’ve appreciated how much faster it is, and I’m figuring out the features for Android 10. The phone is just a little taller than my old one, and comfortable to use (but I have larger hands).
  4. Camera is good. Like @johnny5 said, there are lots of options between the three lenses - a basic, ultra-wide, and macro. The front camera also has a panoramic selfie mode that is nice for taking group selfies. With all of the settings it isn’t as quick to take a picture, just because I have to switch between options.
  5. I haven’t used Bluetooth yet either.
  6. I’ve used the fingerprint reader and enjoyed it - I programmed a few options and usually unlock with a try or two. It integrates with some of the other apps that I use as well, like a password manager and financial stuff.
  7. I also agree with @johnny5 that cases are harder to find because the phone is so new. For now I’ll keep being careful and keep looking.
    I’ve had a few times that I turn over the phone and the RW app isn’t in the notification center, or in some cases it says that there is trouble connecting. Not sure why, but it goes away almost immediately. My only concern there is that during the downtime the phone wouldn’t be receiving new messages, etc.
    I’ve appreciated interactions on the phone, some of which are consistent with other Moto G, like shaking for a flashlight or camera. One new one is that setting the phone face down can activate ‘do not disturb’ mode, which has worked just like I’d expect. The speakers are a lot louder than my other phone.
  8. Definitely!
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