Moto G fast - love it! need a case

I am on my 3rd Motorola through RW:
Defy, Moto X 1stgen, now Moto G Fast. I put off this last upgrade due to size of phone and I am not a “phone phreak” - someone who just has to have the latest greatest. Just give me a working phone!

Due to Moto X dying battery, some apps not functioning due to inability to update, and a bit of available birthday money - I watched for and pounced on the Moto G Fast.

Ordered it through RW (as always) on 6/18, received 6/23, followed all prompts to transfer, and BOOM! It’s wonderful.

Yes, it’s a much larger phone, but I am very pleased with the width. It fits nicely in my palm.

I only had trouble with the Google Authenticator app - which I had begun using on my Moto X and didn’t know I could transfer the account using a QR code. That was resolved today…which enabled me to access my RW account and write this topic.

Now, I do need a case. What should I do if there aren’t any specified for Moto G Fast? I do like Otter, but am open to suggestions. Motorola website doesn’t have a Moto G Fast case. Ideas, anyone?

Thank you, RW, I’m a fan of all you do and are for people like me!

Hi @yakfam

I’m right there in the boat with ya. I need a case too and Google just found the following today:

It’s more than I usually pay for a case but I’m likely go for it.

Edited to add: I just bought one. Hopefully it gets here next week.

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Thanks for the tip! I waited too long to snatch up one of those cases. They’re sold out! Maybe there will be another color choice added. I signed up for an email notification.

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Via Amazon, cases for Moto G Fast will not be available until July 31!!! Must be the global pandemic keeping production and shipment down.

RW anyone: do you know where else a case could be found?

It’s as likely an explanation as any.

Neither Best Buy or B&H Photo (both of whom sell the Moto G Fast) seems to have one. Additionally, I’ve looked at multiple case manufacturer’s websites (Caseology, Spigen and Urban Armour Gear) directly and come up empty there as well. :frowning_face:

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