Moto G Fast - notification when screen is timed out

I started using a moto g fast, very nice phone. But I do sorely miss a feature that was on my previous Huawei Ascend.

  • The moto g fast does not seem to have any front lighting (LED or flash) that can be used to indicate new messages or missed calls by blinking. Now I have to physically turn on the phone to check, and can’t tell by a glance anymore. Does any body know of any setting or app that can notify, without having to wake the phone up?

The function is built-in. See directions here: Moto Display - moto g power - Motorola Support - US

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Hi Louis, You’re right, the peek functionality does wake with a notification, and then goes back to sleep. If i missed the notification, i still have to wake the phone (or atleast pick it up) to see that there were notifications. I wish there was an equivalent of the blinking-light-when-asleep function, so notifications can still be seen, without having to physically interact with the phone.

Apparently the wisdom of the phone makers is no more notification lights. That’s pretty much universally true. :man_shrugging:

There are apps that try to replicate that function. (I have not tried any tho.)
Here’s one in the Play Store you might try:

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