Moto G Fast when will it be in stock

Does anyone know when the Moto G Fast will be back in stock?

Hi @drup.s2s02e,

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Being a Member like yourself, I’m afraid I don’t know when Republic would be restocking the Moto G Fast. But, I know where you can find it on sale as a BYOP :slight_smile:

Both Best Buy and Motorola have it for $149.99

At the present time it may not be possible for Republic to restock the G Fast. The G line has a new generation (currently in beta with Republic) and the G Fast is last generation and therefore may not be able to be restocked.

If it does not become available via re-stock, it probably is not because it’s old … Motorola just introduced it Jun 11, 2020. But with the new 2021 ‘G’ series coming Motorola may have let their stock be drawn down so as not to compete with the new generation.

Hi @drup.s2s02e,

In general, the Community and even our Help Team are not able to give a firm date when phones will be back in stock, though sometimes an estimate is available to our Help Team and our Experts. In the case of the Moto G Fast there has been a lot of uncertainty around the ability to restock it, however, as of my writing), it is back in stock in the Republic Wireless online store.

How frustrating! Because someone else told me it would no longer be carried, I ordered my second choice, the Moto G Power, paid $50 more and just finished setting it up yesterday. Now I find out the Moto G Fast is now in stock…

I’m sorry to have caused you frustration. I replied in case you were still interested in the G Fast, or in case others are, since the availability is so limited.

I’m not seeing where anyone told you definitively that it would not be back in stock, only that it may not be possible to restock it, which was entirely true. We were, at the time of your question, unsure whether we would be able to restock that particular phone.

I do hope you’ll enjoy your Moto G Power, however, we offer a money back guarantee if you want to return it.

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