Moto G freezing, won't make calls, screen blacks out

I can’t find a tab that is specific to my needs. My Moto G, that is a recent purchase, keeps freezing up, won’t make calls, screen goes black. I am so aggravated. I need my phone to work. Any idea what I can do? Can it be replaced with another phone? this appears to be defective!

Do you have the Facebook and Facebook messenger apps?

Try uninstalling those apps and see if that makes the phone more stable.

You should be able to install them back again without further issues.


By chance do you have facebook app on the phone? A little while back Facebook updated their app and it messes with phones as you described. It’s recommended to delete all facebook apps including the FB messenger, reboot the phone, then use the chrome browser to access Facebook from now on. I hope I am right and this fixes you, if not just login to this thread and see if there are other ideas.

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