Moto G Gen 1 Turns Off Immediately Upon Reboot

My aged Gen 1 Moto G has been mostly very reliable until it turned off last evening. Since then, it has turned off and re-started a couple of times. Now, it turns off only. When I re-boot it, it will show the battery is charged, it will display “No SIM Card” and immediately turn back off.

Is it new phone time? Thanks in advance for any help!

I should add, when I hold the power button for 10 seconds, it will reboot and turn on, but will only stay on for a minute or two before turning back off.

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Hi @marko.uk3dsi

Sorry for the late reply. See if you can perform the Clear Cache procedure.

Let us know if this helps.

Your recommendation is greatly appreciated! I followed the procedure once and it operated the same, but did it again and now seems to be working. It has functioned for a few hours from time to time in the last day, so I can’t say for sure that it’s back to normal just yet. Fingers crossed!

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That’s great to hear @marko.uk3dsi

Feel free to update us on this issue or request info on anything else you may question.


I’m sorry to report, it was a false alarm. It still continues to turn off. Sometimes, it turns off as soon as it boots up and other times it may stay turned on for minutes to an hour or two.

Any additional suggestions are most appreciated!

One can see if booting to safe mode stops the behavior but if not the last resort is a factory reset [and if the behavior still happening after the factory reset the phone most likely has a unrecoverable failure]

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Well, I’ve made a number of searches and can’t seem to find how to restart my Moto G 1st Gen in safe mode. I see instructions for every other phone, but not this one. :-(.

Pretty close to the same for all phones: Safe Mode – Republic Help

hold the power button until the power off pop up appears on the screen
then tap and hold the popup until it ask you to enter safe mode

Thank you! I was able to restart in safe mode, but it powered down immediately. I expect this means I have to perform the factory re-set. Do I need to try to save anything on my phone (contacts, photos, etc) before the re-set?

Thanks so much for your help!

The doc Factory Reset, provides the cautions you should review before doing it

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