Moto G Gen 3 8gb to 16gb

I have the 8gb version and just purchased a new Republic Wireless Moto G Gen 3 16 gb phone from Tradeportusa on Ebay. Both are 4g phones and identical with the exception of the memory size. The 16gb does not come with a sim card. Can I remove the sim card from the 8gb phone and insert it into the 16gb phone and the go through activation process?

No, you will have to open a support ticket and have them send you a SIM that should have came with the phone.

Republic Help

Hopefully, you bought the Republic Wireless version of this phone, as no other Moto G3 will work.

Yes, it is a Republic Wireless phone. Thanks for the info.

HI @bruceb.aw4dhu,

You might follow-up with the eBay seller to see if they still have the SIM. The SIM in a Republic Moto G3 serves only to connect the phone to Sprint’s 4G LTE data network. Service is otherwise tied to the phone not the SIM, so there’s no personal information on that SIM the seller would need be concerned about.

Otherwise, Republic will as noted by @marshallh replace the SIM. Meanwhile, you may Activate My Phone if you like. It will work for talk, text and 3G cell data until a SIM is provided.

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