Moto G Headphone Jack

Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced and issue with their headphone jack on the Moto G? I inserted my headphones but the music continues to play through my speak even with them in. I thought it might be the headphones itself but i have tried 3 different pairs of headphones.

Yes, my girlfriend and I are both experiencing this on our new Moto G phones we received yesterday. A factory restore ruled out it was a software glitch. I’m waiting to hear what support says. I’m sure we’ll get replacements.

Edit: I am really confused now. I tried some cheap headphones from Five Below and they work. Is it possible this device is picky with headphones? My Sony PS Vita headphones don’t work at all.

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Im going to have to try something else then.


Are you using a case on your moto G, that could be keeping the plug from being fully inserted? That has been reported by several people. If using a case, try removing the case and then try to replug in the jack.

Remember the Moto G also is compatible with headphones with microphones. I might suggest you taking your Moto g to radio shack and testing out several kinds of headphones to make sure it’s not your headphones that are incompatible.


No I took it out and have tired a few different sets of headphones but to no avail.

I’ve tried with and without the case as well. I have a Rearth slim case and it doesn’t block the port.

I think this device is just very picky with what headphones you use. My Sony PS Vita headphones had three rings because it also had a mic built in. Every pair of headphones with only two rings, has worked in my Moto G.

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Are you trying headphones only, or combo headphones/microphone? They have a different plug convention, and while both will work in MOST devices, I have had troubles from time to time using one in a device designed for the other.

rwdude I have tried 2 different types but I have a few more pairs at home that Im going to try for sure.

@aaronh.3u1foq 3 rings or 2 rings?Not sure what you mean by that.

Look at the black rings around the prong of your headphones. 2 rings indicates regular headphones. Nothing special. Headphones that also have a microphone have 3 rings. That 3rd ring is for the microphone. I’ve only had luck getting regular 2 ring headphones to work than.

See the black rings? Audio Plug.JPG

billg I have Apple Headphones right here and they have 3 lines.

That is odd, because the phones with mic (3-ring) should be the ones that work - as this is a phone not an mp3 player. Personally, I have changed over to bluetooth.

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rwdude Im going to have to do the same because I cant live without my music here at work,.

1 ring = Monaural

2 rings = Stereo

3 rings = Stereo plus mike

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remember that just because headphone has 3 rings, doesnt make it compatible with all phones.

Some headphones have volume controls, and pause buttons, those arent standard or always compatible with all brands and models. The best thing is to stop into a radio shack and get the clerk to try several different brands and models with the Moto G. Most Radio shack stores carry the SOL republic headphones by Motorola, so there should be no problems with compatibility with a Moto X or G. RW sells headphones starting @ $10 too**

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Sometimes when I insert my headphones into my moto x I have to spin the plug in the headphone jack. Doubt that is it, but it is worth a try.

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I’ve had this issue many times when trying to listen to slacker radio…in all cases a shutdown and reboot has solved it.

I mostly use apple earpods without built-in remote (from ipod touch)… they have 3 rings.

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I was able to use my Sony Studio Headphones

AaronH is correct. this photo is a 3-ring jack [the black rings are insulators between the FOUR metal contacts] on a headphone + microphone male plug on the left below. The 4 contact segments are [there is a specific order, but it is not relevant to this discussion]

  • ground wire; left ear-bud/headphone; right ear-bud/headphone; microphone

headphone-mic jack2.jpg

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