Moto G in Canada

Hi! I’ve read through the info about using my Republic Wireless phone (Moto G Base Plan +.5GB data) but I am still confused about how to handle things on an upcoming trip to Canada.

Is the following all true?
I can make calls and texts to US/Canada IF I’m connected to Wifi.
Can I receive calls and texts from US/Canada at any time or only if I’m connected to wifi?
I can do the data stuff on my phone if I’m connected to wifi.
I should put my phone in airplane mode but enable wifi?

Then things got really confusing when I read the info at this post about temporarily switching to the $5 wifi only plan so I don’t lose any text messages that people in the US send me. I’m confused if I should do this, and when do I do it? If I have base plan and I have to switch at my next billing cycle, it’ll be quite an inconvenience until my trip to Canada. Maybe I just don’t care about missing a few text messages over my long weekend? Is that the only thing that happens if I stay on the base plan?

Mostly I just want to be able to communicate with my Airbnb host, via phone text or the Airbnb app whatever way will actually work. Thanks for the info!

There is no cell network coverage in Canada, do without WiFi there is no service [calling or texting]
The $5 is a cost saving and will prevent messages from being lost do to how the Republic hybrid network handle texting on legacy devices usinf6 the default Android Messaging app or the newer Android Messages app. Where if Republic could not find your phone on WiFi it forward the text to the Sprint cell network were it would time out and be gone, I would also not that in 2.0 refund plan the switch had to take place in the billing date. A new option that will also fix this is to use the Republic Anywhere app as it will handle text only by data and hold the text until your phone is next online [either WiFi or cell]

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