Moto G is not finding the wifi to connect


What phone do you have? Moto G

What plan are you on? Base Plan + 0.5GB cell data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes does include Data

Issue Description


Good morning. Can you provide some additional info here? Is the phone just showing no networks when you look for wifi networks? Is it one particular network that you’re looking for that you can’t find? Was the phone previously connected to this network but now doesn’t see it?


The phone was previously connected to the WIFI. Right now it is not showing any WIFI in the available section


That’s often a sign of a hardware failure. Let’s hope it is not. Let’s try Safe Mode to see if the wifi shows there. Here are directions for getting in to Safe Mode: How to Enable Safe Mode on Alcatel A30, Motorola, Nexus, and Google Phones – Republic Help


OK I will try safe mode… and if it connects do I switch back to regular mode. WIll there be any other impact when using safe mode? Will I lose any information on contacts or other conversations that are saved? Pictures in the gallery or photos?


I am waiting for your response to my last comment


no data will be lost by running the Phone in Safe mode
Safe Mode Just locks out 3rd party apps.

If the Phone connects to the WiFi in safe mode the next steps is to see which 3rd party app is interfering in the function.


Ok I will try and get back to you…Thank you


Ok I was able to connect to the wifi in safe mode. However it disabled all of the 3rd party apps that I had …I had only 6 of them and it disabled all three of them.


I mean it disabled all 6 of the third party apps.


the next steps would be to look at the 3rd party apps and see if they are the reason (most likely one is as it’s working in safe mode) as you only have 6 can you list them (ones that access WiFi or Bluetooth are most likely the one causing the issue)


I didn’t have this problem since I installed the third party apps and I am wondering why is it a problem now. I have regularly use these apps with no issues in the past. What do I do as I need to use these apps.


Can you share a list of what these apps are so we can see if there area any know problem apps or app types?

In case it isn’t clear, restarting the phone will exit safe mode and allow the apps to work again.


Sure…DuckDuckgo, Hiya, NKJV Bible, WhatsApp, Summit Christian Fellowship, Hopper… These are the 6 apps I use. The last one I uploaded was Hopper as I was checking on some flight information.


as these app do not look like they should be interfering with WiFi, before tring to uninstall one at a time it would not hurt to clear cache.


Hi @joes.msov5w,

Have you had any luck connecting to Wi-Fi? Would you like to continue troubleshooting with the Community?


I finally did connect …thank you… Joe


By posting back how you ‘fixed’ your problem it provides others the opportunity to benefit from the time & effort it took you (and it is often a source of new information to those of us who try to help fellow users along the way)


I just rebooted my WIFI…shut it down for 10 minutes and rebooted it and it connected right away………. Thank You… Joe