Moto G keeps restarting (even after factory reset). What to do now?

My 2.5 years old Moto G, which has been upgraded to Lollipop (Android 5.1) since early this year, works mostly fine all the time. since last month phone randomly reboot and then spend 30+ minutes on “Android is starting … Optimizing app: xx of 66”, but it would return to normal operating status after that

I have deleted all data & factory reset the phone but still facing same issue. In a day it reboot 5-6 times.

someone told that there may be space issue but 7 GB space is free.

Pls suggest if you have any solution.

Hi @ankitn.ov52lo,

Generally, when an issue survives a factory reset, it’s a fatal error and the phone will need to be replaced. I do have one question. When you did the factory reset, did you decline Google’s offer to restore apps and settings? If not, it’s possible the issue was restored by accepting that offer. In that case, one more factory reset, this time declining any offer from Google to restore apps and settings might help.

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