Moto G loses Wi-Fi daily, reboot required to restore

Moto G (1st gen, Android 5.1, Republic app, original plan) frequently fails to detect any Wi-Fi in my home. Once in this state the Settings > Wi-Fi screen shows no networks, the phone’s status bar at the top has no icon for Wi-Fi signal strength, and the Republic arc icon is not filled in. Refreshing from the Wi-Fi settings screen does not help, nor does turning the Wi-Fi on and off, even while located in close proximity to the router. While the Moto G is in this state my second phone (a Republic Moto X) detects my home networks as well as several nearby networks. The only way I have found to clear this problem is to power down the Moto G. This fixes the problem so it then detects the same networks as the Moto X and logs into the saved home network as it should.

I haven’t figured out what triggers this behavior in the Moto G. It seems to happen most mornings after the phone has been sitting on a table while charging overnight, and also happens often when the phone is returned to the home Wi-Fi area after being out of Wi-Fi range for a time. But if I briefly carry it out of Wi-Fi range so it transitions to cell and quickly return home it recognizes Wi-Fi normally.

Within Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” setting is “Always.” Within the Republic app settings the “Enable handover on networks” list includes my home network and “Handover to Wi-Fi when appropriate” is checked.

Are there any other settings that I can check or reset that I can perform that might fix this?

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I had a similar problem with my Moto G1 (since replaced with a G5+)

I discovered that another app had a default setting that was trying to “save” my battery by turning off Wi-Fi when I temporarily walked outside. And, of course, it didn’t turn it back on. The app was the StraightTalk app that I used to monitor my Hotspot account. It nearly drove me crazy until I discovered the setting. Disgusted, I deleted the entire app and the problem went away.

In your situation, I would check to see if any apps are trying to do something like this.


An excellent way to do so is safe mode.

Thanks for these suggestions. I will try this and report back what I learn.

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I think the cause of my Wi-Fi becoming disabled has been identified. I verified that some unknown app that’s been downloaded is the source of the problem by following rolandh’s suggestion to use safe mode. The problem was not triggered while operating in safe mode for several days. Although I don’t have the StraightTalk app which caused the problem as noted in davidw’s post, I did find an app that appears to behave similarly. It is an app used with an external camera which uses Wi-Fi to allow the Moto phone to view or download photos from the external camera memory. I have started using Settings > Apps > Force Stop to terminate that app immediately after each time it is used. With this work-around the phone’s Wi-Fi has had no further problems over several days of operation with no phone power off/on required. Thanks for your help.



Thanks for taking the time to let the Community know what you learned! Even if others aren’t using the exact same app you are using, your experience could put others on the path to determining which third-party app may be causing similar conflicts on their own phones.

Do you happen to know if that external camera app uses Bluetooth?

Yes. The camera has BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) turned on until the user tells the app on the phone to command the camera to turn off its BLE and turn on Wi-Fi. Once a Wi-Fi link between camera and phone has been established the photos in the camera’s memory can be accessed on the phone. When finished the user tells the app to turn off the camera’s Wi-Fi and turn its BLE back on. Although this sequence does not immediately leave the phone without Wi-Fi, my experience has been that later, perhaps the next morning, the phone no longer senses any Wi-Fi.

There’s the problem.

We’ve seen several apps that implement BLE conflict with the Wi-Fi connectivity. You might report the issue with the app developer, and watch for updates to that app, testing the app each time it is updated to see if it still conflicts with Wi-Fi.

I think the issue is limited to older phones, so it’s possible the app developer will have no interest in trying to solve the issue.

That’s helpful to know, Southpaw, thank you. I have sent an explanation of what I have experienced to the app developer, so hopefully it will eventually be improved. In the meantime, the Force Stop workaround is pretty straightforward.

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