Moto G now using TWO numbers

Without my having done anything (I know of) and certainly without my wanting it, my Moto G can be dialed on both my assigned number and some new number. Incoming texts targeting my assigned number may end up one one or the other thread. Have I been hacked? I am older and a BASIC user so I cant even understand my phone as it was much the less now that it has split personalities. Any ideas? Time for the trash? Happy to go back to my landline on a cool “Trimline” or “Princess” phone. Those were the days!!!

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My parents would never let me have the princess phone. :sob:

There’s nothing to panic about. Our service makes use of a cellular routing number to get calls to you when your phone is not on WiFi, so it’s perfectly normal that you can receive calls to this number.

However, since some recent updates from some of the Google-managed apps on the phone, Google has been “discovering” this number and trying to put it to use, rather than using the phone number we’ve assigned you.

The first thing to do is disable the Chat (RCS) features in the Messages app by Google. Steps to do so are here.

You may then find that when you try to send a text message to someone in a conversation that was previously making use of this “RCS Chat” feature, the message won’t send. You can long-press (press and hold) the text message for an option to “Send as SMS” and get past that. You’ll only have to do so once for each conversation that was previously using RCS Chat.


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