Moto g original to 4th generation

Our Moto G first generation phones seems to be falling down more and more these days. Dropped calls, unable to do google traffic mapping, just in general poor performance that is beyond normal wifi fits or catatonic 3g response. I am wondering if the 4th generation phone is a better phone? Will it interface with the wide environment that our phones seem to face?

The Moto G was a shock to the industry for its low price and good performance. The new ones are thought of by some as flagship phones although Moto may care to differ with them on that. But it is definitely a better phone than the generation 1 model.

However what you describe sounds more like human old age rather than a gradual hardware breakdown. This makes me think that your phone just needs some maintenance. While lots of people buy new computers when Windows gets bogged down (for any number of reasons) it puts a perfectly good machine in the landfill and gets Redmond a new sale which the hardware makers won’t object to of course.

No reason you shouldn’t have a new phone though.

If you wish to try to get your current phone working again here are some tips based on what you have described:

Clearing the Cache

Normally I offer this document for solving issues different from what you have described but in this case the section on clearing the app caches seems spot on. Clearing the Android OS cache is good housekeeping in general so even though I don’t suspect it is at the root of any of your current issues it’s still a good thing to learn and perform either on a once or twice a month basis or whenever some problem comes up and the normal fix for it doesn’t work.

If that speeds it up then if other issues still persist respond back here again and let the Community know. But dumping a few hundred megabytes of stale cached info could very well solve everything you have described so far.

All the best whatever you decide.

Many would argue that the biggest weakness in the 1st gen Moto G was the anemic RAM, only 1GB. That didn’t give it enough elbow room (working RAM) to do any heavy lifting. Aside from the lack of RAM, it had good specs and was, generally speaking, a good phone. 2GB of RAM makes a huge difference. Many phones now come with 3-4GB of RAM. As a rule of thumb, the more RAM a computing device has, Android, Windows, whatever, the more smoothly it will operate and the more responsive it will feel, compared to a similar device with less RAM.

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