Moto G phone will no longer store contacts

I have a Moto G phone, and since sometime last fall, my phone will no longer store contacts. It seems to store “blank” contacts with no information on its own (which I later have to delete), but when I try to save a phone number from a call, text, or just add contact function, it takes it, says it is saved, but then the name is not there.


Do you have a google account? If so is it listed on your phone under accounts? If the account is on your phone then open a chrome browser and login to that account and View the contacts. They should be all there. If the contacts are there then the account isn’t syncing to the Phone.

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99% of the time people with this issue are using a Microsoft email like,, Hotmail or msn using the built in email app. The best way to fix this is to use the outlook app.

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