Moto G Play (2021) photos and charger questions

  1. I’ve taken a few pics with my new G Play (2021). But I’ve noticed a BIG problem: the color temp is off. I took one of a neighbor’s gray house – it is blue in the photo. I took pics of a rose bush – the petals are more pink than deep red and with little definition.

Are there any adjustments in the software to correct things?

  1. The wall-wart for charging the phone is generally rectangular. I need one that is circular to fit a floor outlet. Is this wall-wart the best or only plug-in one should use? Can I use any adapter to charge it without damaging the phone?

You can use Google Photos to edit almost anything (post-processing):

Any USB compatible wall wart will work. I have dozens that I use interchangeably around the house.

  1. Yeah, I’ve played with the adjust feature at the bottom of the photo. I can get a finished picture to come out pretty good by using the “blue tone” scale at -100. But I don’t really want to have to do that on each and every photo. Is this blue bias typical on the 2021 Play? I definitely did not have this on my old Moto X and X2.

I don’t know if a blue bias is typical. I can’t find any extensive reviews of the Moto G Play’s camera (most reviews simply acknowledge that the camera is not very good). Your Moto X and X2 were flagship phones, and your Moto G Play is at the low end of midrange Motorola phones. Samsung Galaxy S and Google Pixel phones typically have the best rated cameras of the phones compatible with Republic Wireless.

If you believe the camera may have a defect, you can try contacting Motorola:

Thanks. Will do.

Clearing the camera app cache on the phone did the trick. Colors are now very good.


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