Moto G Play 2021 will not connect to nearby open networks

My MotoX second generation would but not my new phone. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or is the Moto G incapable of that?

After connecting to wifi did you launch a browser page and see if you had to accept any T&C before it allows you an internet connection?

This is not a problem with my home wifi, rather it is at a location about a mile from my house where I could easily connect to one of two open networks with the MotoX up until a few days ago when I got my new Moto G Play 2021. When doing the exact same procedure that I did successfully with the MotoX, the Moto G will not connect to either network and just drops the attempt. I really do not have to be able to connect to those other networks but when I felt like I needed some time by myself it was good to be able leave my house and connect to them for watching some news or whatever without using my data.

Hi @martinh.lpqihk ,

If I remember correctly (and I’m sure another @ambassador will let me know if I’m not) :wink:

The Republic app on older legacy phones had a feature for connecting to WiFi networks easily. Unfortunately that is not available in the current Republic app for 3.0 phones.

That would be my guess :thinking:

Did you try opening a browser window after opening the wifi?

There are two types of cell networks. The moto g that I have can only connect to one type. Some phones can connect to both. This may be the cause of your problem too.

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