Moto G Play character entry problematic - pin numbers, codes not recognized


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Moto G Play RW 3.0 1 GB, Android 6.0.1

Issue Description

I find on occasion (sporadic) that when asked to key in a pin number or some kind of code into the phone (for example, my voice mail pin) the number does not seem to be translated correctly. Meaning I enter the number correctly, I see the number entered correctly, but it is not recognized by voicemail. Like maybe the tones aren’t recognized. This has happened with voicemail (sporadically) and consistently with one online provider, for which I cannot get any service because anytime I enter the service pin they give me, that pin is not recognized.

It’s a weird issue. I can state that the numbers are definitely being entered correctly – this has been checked and double-checked. So it’s not a fat finger issue.


This normally is a condition caused by older equipment on the other end. Try leaving 1-1.5 sec pause between each number


The delay technique usually works for me as @jben suggested.

If using speakerphone mode some systems may get the signals crossed particularly if they offer the option to speak numbers.


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I’ll give that a try. Thanks to both of you.


Hi @johng.6r5jad,

We typically see this issue most often on Wi-Fi calls. If the slower, intentional dialing method doesn’t help, try making these kinds of calls on cell.

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Ah, very interesting. Thank you!

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