Moto G Play Gen 4 Purchased from Best buy

If I purchase a Moto G Play Gen 4 from best buy can I activate it on my Republic account?

Hi @kirkc.gn1w5f,

Yes, so long as the model number matches what’s listed here: Bring Your Own Phone FAQs. Before pulling the trigger on the purchase, I suggest verifying bring your own phone is supported for your area: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless. More detail here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

As long as it the XT-1607 version

Moto G4 PLAY (XT1607)

  • (Apps → Settings → About phone → Hardware information → SKU)
    Note all BYOD phones are only able to be activated on Republic GSM partner [T-Mobile]

And you will need a Republic 3.0 GSM SIM

And it needs to have a 3.0 plan


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