Moto G Play not working on cell

(Former title: Just replaced daughter’s moto g phone with the moto g play. Why can’t she send or receive texts or receive phone calls when she is not on wifi? She does not have a data plan. Never had this problem with her previous phone. Don’t have this problem with my)

Not able to receive or send texts on new moto g play phone when not on wifi. Do not have data. Never had this problem with moto g phone and the $10 plan.

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Did you buy the phone from Republic Wireless or somewhere else? If you bought from Republic Wireless, then I would open a support ticket to make sure you got the best carrier for your location. Use the chat line if available for faster service.

Republic Help

I would also reset the phone credentials. How to VOIP Your Phone

If you bought the phone somewhere else, then the phone is using TMobile’s network and not Sprint’s network that the old phone used. So check your coverage for TMobile. 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

You may have to return the phone to where you bought it and order from Republic Wireless to get Sprint coverage.

Hi @cathyp.vw90j9,

We may be able to help, however, first we’ll need some additional information? Did you purchase the G4 Play from Republic or a third party retailer? If from Republic is there a sticker on the box indicating whether it was provisioned for GSM or CDMA coverage? It’s possible the new G4 Play is using a different partner carrier for cellular coverage. More on that here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

As counter intuitive as it sounds, you need to keep cellular data enabled even if you don’t have data on your plan

in order for texting to work properly with the new phones.

See here for additional troubleshooting steps for texting

Troubleshooting Texting Issues

I purchased the phone from RW.

Hi @cathyp.vw90j9,

The next step is to ascertain the coverage (GSM or CDMA) provisioned for your daughter’s phone. There may have been a label on the box. If not, please open the Phone app, then dial ##786## and let us know what happens. Either nothing will happen or you’ll be presented with a “Sprint DM” menu. Please let us know which.

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