Moto G Play won't play media over bluetooth

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A brand new Moto G Play (2021)

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My Choice + 1 GB

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Includes Data

So, I just got my brand new Moto G Play to replace the phone I bought on Swappa that I had problems with last week. Thought all was well in the world. LOL. Then I went for a drive today to run errands. Paired the new phone with my car stereo via Bluetooth, no problem. Hit play on the Kindle app to listen to my audiobook…and nothing. Phone showed it was playing, no sound was coming over the car speakers or the phone speakers. Disconnected Bluetooth & reconnected.; Both phone & stereo show connected. Did some searching online…said to make sure media was on. Yep, media via bluetooth is on. Read about issue with Google Play Protect and reset app preferences as described in the articles about that issue. Rebooted phone. Rebooted stereo. I’m stumped & very frustrated because I have this very expensive stereo is so I can listen to my audiobooks & my music from my phone via bluetooth. Any ideas?

Edited to add, I was able to make a call via Bluetooth, although the person on the other end was having a hard time hearing me, it did work & I could hear them fine over the stereo. May have just been a bad connection/ambient noise making it hard to hear. Will troubleshoot that more later if it becomes an issue.

Hi @genie86333,

I’m a bit confused by this. Moto hasn’t made the Moto G4 in several years. I noticed in your post subject you mentioned “Moto G4 Play”, which also has not been made in several years. Did you buy this phone second-hand from someone selling it as “new”? Or could you check the model number?

I’m not trying to nit-pick by asking these questions. If it’s a second-hand phone, we’d probably want to start troubleshooting the possibility that the phone has a hardware problem. If it’s a new phone, then having the right model number may help us better troubleshoot your issue.

Oh, sorry. Moto G Play (2021)…not sure where I got G4!

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Hi @genie86333

I don’t have a fancy car stereo but I do have a Moto G Play 2021 that I use via Bluetooth with a widget recommended by @Burusutazu

The widget uses Bluetooth to my phone and then FM to my car stereo. I am able to consistently connect and play audio from Google Podcasts and YouTube Music. I can also take calls while playing music. The music is paused and I hear the call audio over my car steroe.

If you try the Google Podcasts app, do you get any different result than you do with the Kindle app? You should be able to download podcasts to that app for free.

For those of you playing at home who would also like to connect your phone to your older car stereo, here is a link to the widget:

Haven’t tried Google Podcasts as I don’t do podcasts, but Youtube Music doesn’t work.

Thanks for testing and for getting back to us.

Are the audiobooks stored on your phone or are you streaming them? Frequently these are stored on the device.

Unless you have YouTube Premium service, you will not be able to download music for playback. I’m trying to replicate the conditions where you have stored audio content on your phone to see if the problem is app-related. That’s why I suggested you test using Google Podcasts. That allows you to download content for playback and it doesn’t cost anything.

Let us know if you are streaming the audiobooks or if you are downloading them. This is important because if you are streaming, the content has to get delivered over the network as you listen and this adds variables that have to checked.

Are you sure you’ve selected the Bluetooth input on your stereo for playback? Just like selecting AM, FM, or CD, the Bluetooth input typically has to be selected and active for audio to play over the stereo. Other than that, make sure the volume is all the way up on the phone.

Once the phone and stereo are paired and connected, it’s pretty much on the car stereo to take care of getting the audio to the speakers. You may wish to consult with the auto manufacturer or stereo manufacturer for further assistance.

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The audiobooks and music are all downloaded on my phone. The app shows they are playing, but there is no sound. If I turn off bluetooth, sound starts playing through my phone speakers…turn bluetooth on, no sound, even though it still shows the app is playing. It’s not a problem of not having a connection to stream the music/books, it’s a problem of no sound coming out of the speakers.

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I will download a couple of podcasts for testing Google Podcasts tomorrow.

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I’ve been using the stereo solely on Bluetooth input for 2 years and it said “BT Moto G Pl” on the stereo screen whichis what it should (it normally says BT calls if it’s set for the Bluetooth calls-only mode, but I’ll double-check the input tomorrow to make sure it’s not in the BT calls-only mode. Volume of both the stereo and phone is up.

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Thanks for all those additional details.

Is this a stereo that came with the vehicle or is it after-market?

Which model stereo is it, please?

Thanks for everyone’s help. It had somehow gotten put into calls-only mode, so the problem is now solved. Thanks!

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Good job figuring that out! Thanks for taking the time to report back and letting us know.

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