Moto G Plus and SD card


I was looking at the Moto G Plus phone and see that one accessory (optional?) is a Kingston micro SD card, either a 32 or 64 gb model. How would I use this storage? Is it useful if I chose the 64gb phone? Can any other vendor cards or sizes be used in this phone?


any SD card should work (some are better quality that others Kingston is a name brand, other name brand would also work {Sandisk, Samsung just to name a few}
some apps may be moved to SD card but some will not.
I mainly use SD cards for Media files {Music, Videos, Documents, books (both text and audio)}


Presuming the Moto G Plus in question is (as seems likely) a 4th or 5th generation model, then apps may indeed be moved to an SD card formatted as adoptable storage. Adoptable storage is a feature of Android Marshmallow and newer.


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