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For the last week or so, my phone just dies. It shows the orange bar at the bottom stating low battery. When I plug it up it immediately shows 81% charged. I’m wondering if the battery has gone bad. If so, can the battery be replaced? If the battery is okay what else could be causing it to die?

Hi @reggieh
I am guessing your are talking about a Moto G5+ ?.

My son just went through this. Do you have the Facebook app on your phone?.* (he had two phones drain and become unresponsive this month alone).
Just saying, that app can cause problems with Moto phones for some reason, removing it often fixes the issues in my experience.

Yes, I have the facebook app but it’s never caused this to happen. I added an app earlier last week and thought that might be the problem so I removed it, still the same problem. I don’t understand why it shuts off due to low battery and when I plug it up to charge it’s showing 81% charged. Thanks for your input.

I wouldn’t trust the 81% reading. Your phone is going into ‘battery protect’ mode.
The X2, G5+, have done the same, twice to me, in the last week or two. (Plug it in, hold power button, until it starts in boot mode, and choose ‘restart’)…that is what I did.

Your phone is not old enough to show that kind of ‘battery’ distress. It’s a software issue, in my opinion.

I can’t see that I have the restart option on this phone. When I plug it up and hold down the start button, it automatically reboots…unless I’m doing something wrong.

OK…do you have any ‘optimizer’ apps?. (those aren’t always what they claim to be).
Humor me, it very well may be something else, but for elimination purposes, I want to rule out the FB app…(I’ve seen this twice lately).

just uninstall test, reinstall the FB app.

I’ll check for optimizer apps. The phone just shut down again, this time when I plugged it up it read 74%.

No optimizer apps installed

I’m going to disagree that this is an app causing this. It sounds like to me that the phone’s battery has reached the end of its useful life. Sudden shut down at random battery levels is nearly always caused by a battery that has failed, and has voltage that’s dropping below what the phone needs to operate and therefore the phone shuts down.

Given the age of the G4+ in cell phone years, this would be entirely within the “normal” time that a battery fails.


Do you have a Moto G5+ or G4+? Some of the responses above assume the G5+; some assume you have a G4+. It would help to know which model you have.

I have the G4+. If the battery has gone bad would I be able to change it?

I would not replace the battery in my G4+.

From the Motorola support website: “The Moto G Plus (4th Gen.) uses a non-removable battery. The battery should only be replaced by a Motorola-approved service facility. Any attempt to remove or replace your battery may damage the product and will void your warranty.” (emphasis added)

I have replaced my G4+, not because of a battery issue, but because of the known “ghosting” issue that phone has. Although the phone does have some age on it, I still keep it charged and use it for web surfing and streaming. I am not having the same issue you have.

I have no idea whether your issue is software related or end of useful battery life. For me the main issue is that the G4+ is prone to “ghosting” and other issues. Based on my experiences with that phone, I suggest you move on. However, if you want to continue to try to resolve the issue, the best hope appears to be to try and isolate a software issue with the help of @c1tobor or others.strong text

Thank you for all of the info. I believe at this point I’ll have the battery replaced since I’ve not had any other problems.

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