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Phone: Moto G Power (April 2020 release)
Plan: Pay year in advance plan :wink:

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I really like my new Moto G Power. Great screen and battery life. I wish the photos were a bit quicker and better in low light. Macro feature is REALLY cool and the wide angle came in much more handy than I thought it would. Overall very happy with the improvement, came from G5. Honestly would have gone for the Stylus for just $50 extra but didn’t want to risk getting wrong model and deal with returns because I couldn’t get it directly from Republic.


You should have asked … besides the Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help
There is some excellent help provided in Tips & Tricks that has been created and updated by @louisdi
See this How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

Hi @zwess,

Welcome to our Member Community! We’re delighted to have you write a review about your new phone.

I’m glad to see you’re enjoying the Moto G Power. How often are you having to charge the phone? Do you have any photos you could share? Good examples as welll as the low-light pictures that leave you a bit disappointed would be a great help as others make their purchasing decisions.

I’ve been charging my phone every other night. I can get into the 3rd day but with the phone being new, I’m using it a bit heavy, downloading new apps and playing with the camera, etc. ! Macro version of the camera is awesome, see attached of the $2 bill.


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