Moto g power 64-bit or 32-bit Android?

I’m considering an upgrade to my phone. I currently have a Moto Z Play and it runs a 32-bit version of Android 8. The Moto G Power phone that is available on Republic for about $250 looks very attractive and in the specs it says Android 10. However, it doesn’t list a bit number next to this OS.

I assume that with 4GB of RAM it would need to be a 64-bit OS, but I just wanted to double check.

Don’t judge me, but Fortnite requires a 64-bit Android OS to install/run and I haven’t been able to play on my phone for the last 2 years. Will I be able to play Fortnite on this Moto G Power from Republic? :slight_smile:

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A quick search didn’t indicate whether the software is 32-bit or 64-bit. However, the processor used by the phone is 64-bit…

Does the Play store say the app is compatible?

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Thanks for the response. I agree… based on my research it is difficult to tell for sure but I believe it is a 64-bit OS.

I found an Amazon answer that seems to confirm this:

Q: Is the linux kernel 32 bit or 64 bit?
A: The firmware name for the US is: Sofia ( xt2041-4 )
It is 64-bit. To check you can download the Lenovo rescue and smart assistant ( LMSA). But be careful so you don’t brick!

And I found a YouTube video that seems to be someone playing Fortnite on the phone:

I went ahead and ordered the phone. I’ll try to remember to come back here and update this thread with 1) Whether it is actually a 64-bit OS and 2) If it plays Fortnite. :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone else ever wonders or cares.


A 64-bit chip doesn’t necessarily mean a 64-bit phone. It depends upon the instruction set being used by the version of Android on the phone.

I’m inclined to agree. I installed AIDA64 on my Moto G Stylus (a close cousin of the Moto G Power). It reports the instruction set as 64-bit ARMv8-A meaning the Motorola G Stylus is indeed running 64-bit Android.

AIDA64 would answer the first question. And, I’m confident there would be others here interested in knowing the answer to the second. Pokemon Go is apparently also 64-bit only, so if there’s evidence the Moto G Power runs Pokemon Go, hopefully, Fortnite will also.

@johnny5 , if I remember correctly you have a Moto G Fast in the household? What does AIDA 64 say about the instruction set? The path would be CPU -> Instruction Set.

@rolandh You are correct, sir. I do have a Moto G Fast in the household. AIDA64 reports I have a 64-bit ARMv8-A instructions set as well.


I’d say that’s good news for @jeffs.lx9t0j. It seems unlikely Motorola would sandwich a 32-bit Moto G Power between the 64-bit Moto G Fast and the 64-bit Moto G Stylus.


Thank you for the responses. That is good news. My primary reason for wanting an upgrade is to get better service (Sprint versus T-Mobile network), so that should work either way. But I was really hoping to solve this 64-bit “Fortnite” issue at the same time. (Kill two birds sort of thing.)

I’ll post my results when the phone arrives. It looks like a great phone at a great price point either way.


I received the phone today (Moto G Power) and am following up with the answers to these questions.

  1. Yes, it does appear to be a 64-bit OS. I installed AIDA64 and checked with the suggested app.

  2. Yes, it is running Fortnite. I did get a warning from Epic games that the Android OS wasn’t officially supported (it is too new if you can believe that), but you can simply accept this and continue.

  3. Unfortunately it shipped with a GSM SIM card so I’m still on my old T-Mobile network. However, I submitted a ticket with the coverage team and hopefully they can send me a new CDMA SIM card that works on the Sprint network.

  4. The phone works with my existing Turbo Power chargers (previously had a Moto Z Play). This seems to be officially supported, the phone recognized the charger and gave me the correct “turbo power” information when I plugged it in, and I even checked in AIDA64 to make sure the charging looked good. So: if you get one of these phones you have the option of using turbo charging or the “rapid charging” that comes in the box.

If I’m able to switch networks then I will be very happy. So far the phone is working great. I’d say that for $250 this phone looks to be an excellent bargain and of course we all know how great Republic Wireless is for saving money on the service.

I’ve been a happy customer for quite a few years and it looks like that trend is continuing. :slight_smile: Thank you for your help everyone!


Hi @jeffs.lx9t0j and thanks for the update! Presuming doing so would indeed improve the coverage experience, there is no reason provisioned coverage on a Moto G Power can’t be switched to CDMA (Sprint network). The phone is Sprint network compatible.

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