Moto G power 64

Seems like the Moto G power is out of stock. Any problem buying an unlocked one from Motorola?

Hi @melissar.3tg0vx and welcome to the community. The Moto G4 Power 2020 is out of stock because it is a discontinued model. Motorola no longer has them in stock either. The new 2021 version is available from Motorola and is currently in test with Republic. If everything goes well it should be offered by Republic soon. If the 2021 version is purchased from Motorola it can only be used as part of the early adopted beta: Call for Early Adopter Beta testers: New Moto phones announced 1/8/21 - Announcements & News - Member Community ( until officially supported by Republic which I expect to be soon :tm:


Hi @melissar.3tg0vx ,

If you have your heart set on the 2020 model it’s still available at Best Buy ($219.99) as a BYOP for Republic. :slight_smile:


Just my luck, I finally save up enough money to buy the Moto G Power and it’s out of stock. And by the looks of the specs the 2021 model isn’t exactly an improvement, so I don’t think I even want that one.
I would rather not have to go through with buying a BYOP Moto G power and have to go through with whatever you have to do to make it compatible with Republic, but I guess I’ll have to if I really want one. What are the pros and cons of using a BYOP with Republic? Are there many glitches?
I seem to recall I bought my Moto G3 when it wasn’t exactly a new phone here(and am still using it, why I want to stick with Moto). Any chance Republic would get some Moto G power phones(2020 model) and make them available for people who want the “older” model?

Hi @sterlingh.uuleag,

It’s unlikely Republic would be able to restock the 2020 Moto G Power as Motorola no longer manufactures it with the 2021 model being its replacement. That said, if the 2020 Moto G Power is the phone you prefer, Best buy still has remaining stock:

BYOP Republic compatible phones are the very same phones Republic sells. There’s nothing Republic specific about phones sold at Republic’s online store. The most one might need to do is acquire a new Republic SIM separately, For more on that:

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So if I buy an unlocked Moto G power from anywhere else it should work with Republic, right? As long as I get the SIM card from Republic, of course.

One more question. Would there be any issues with moving my information from my old phone(Current number, contacts, messages, etc) to a BYOP Moto G power phone on Republic? I have an older Moto G3 right now and would like to keep my old number and other info. This is unclear to me from the link you provided because it talks about Legacy phones and it says “no” but I don’t see a question it is referring to.

"## Legacy Republic Phone to New Republic Compatible Unlocked (a/k/a 3.0) Phone

If your current Republic phone is a legacy phone (Moto DEFY XT, E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2), the answer is no (some of these phones don’t even have a SIM to move). As Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones, to help us better help you and if you’re comfortable doing so, please share your zip code (nothing more)."

Sorry for all my questions but this would be the first time I would be replacing a phone with Republic and also the first time using a BYOP phone if I do buy one.

At this point, there are two Moto G Power models in the market (the 2021 model and the 2020 model you’ve expressed a preference for. You may source a Republic compatible 2020 Moto G Power anywhere you like as long as it’s the U.S. factory unlocked Moto G Power model noted by Republic here:

At this point with the 2021 model (not yet certified as compatible with Republic) released to market, it will be increasingly difficult to source the 2020 model. For that reason and son you need not guess about compatibility, I took the time to link the Republic compatible 2020 Moto G Power at Best Buy. You may or may not find the correct model elsewhere. For example, Motorola itself currently has no stock of the 2020 Moto G Power.

You will indeed need a new SIM. As you may know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for newer compatible phones. To be certain you get a SIM with the best coverage for your area, would you be comfortable sharing a zip code (nothing more)?

The answer no refers to whether one may move service from a legacy Republic phone to a newer Republic compatible phone. The answer is no because although some but not all legacy phones have a SIM to move, a Republic legacy phone’s SIM is phone specific and cannot be moved to another phone.

In any event, user content is not stored on a smartphone’s SIM. Generally, one is presented with the opportunity to move user content from old to new phone during initial setup of the new phone (just faithfully follow on screen prompts on the new phone to do so). There’s also some excellent Community guidance here:

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So is that simple to find out? I appreciate you linking to the correct one from Best Buy but the reason I ask is if I find it cheaper elsewhere(which I have) and more convenient for me to purchase from, I would rather save some money if I am going to go the BYOP route.

Sure. My zip code is 54660.

Hi @sterlingh.uuleag,

My apologies for the delayed response. Please allow me to provide some context regarding coverage options for Republic’s newer compatible phones. Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two cellular network partners (T-Mobile or Sprint). While T-Mobile and Sprint have merged, the networks remain separate.

In and around the zip code you provided, you would want Sprint network coverage. As an aside, your Moto G3 like all legacy Republic phones is provisioned for cellular network coverage with Sprint. Please do not purchase Republic’s standalone BYOP SIM kit as that provides GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage. Rather, once the new phone is in hand, please request a CDMA (Sprint network) SIM as described here:

You may buy a compatible phone anywhere you like. For the 2020 Moto G Power, you’ll need to verify with the seller it meets the compatibility criteria noted by Republic here:

Alternatively, if you provide the link, we can look at the listing for you.

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That second article is exactly what I needed, thank you. And the phone I am looking at IS the same model number so I think we are good there.
As for the first article about the SIM card, do you happen to know why I need to provide three street addresses where the phone is used the most? Just curious.

Hi @sterlingh.uuleag ,

The addresses allow our coverage team to evaluate your coverage to ensure that a CDMA SIM card would not make your coverage situation worse for you. We’ve seen some members demand a CDMA SIM card for reasons beyond our comprehension, as they had absolutely no coverage in the areas where they live, work, and play. After installing the requested SIM card, they’d follow up to complain that we made things worse for them. :woman_shrugging:

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Well, no worries there, then. I guess I am just one of those weird people who still believe that companies that want my business are going to steer me in the right direction when it comes to their products and service. :relaxed:


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