Moto G Power and Stylus microphone sharing problem

What phone do you have? Moto g power

What plan are you on? 1g

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

my phone repeatedly will drop calls and leave me with an error saying the microphone is being used by another application. however, no applications are using the microphone other than the phone at the time.


Hi @jenniferh.npv2yf

This Republic article should help:

Please let us know if this helps :slight_smile:

The microphone has always been allowed for the republic app. I have attached a photo with all the apps on the phone that use the microphone app. My husband has basically the same setup, and he has no problem.Screenshot_20200422-121044|234x500

Hi @jenniferh.npv2yf

Thank you for trying the suggestion.

Let’s try using the phone in safe mode. This should tell us (or help eliminate), if another app is causing you this trouble.

BTW, do you only get the microphone message when using the phone app or does it ever pop up with other apps?

Please try testing some phone calls and let us know if you still have the problem during safe mode. :slight_smile:

I also have a Moto G Power and am experiencing this. This post helped me: Call Ended: Microphone in Use -- Note 9 (problem on WiFi only)

When I turned off Wifi during the call, it stopped happening.

However the recommended permanent solution of disabling ‘wifi calling’ in the phone app isn’t available since the ability to disable it is not visible.

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I have same problem, same phone. Brand new phone two days ago … And almost every WIFI call is interrupted.

Let me know when a solution is discovered. My sister has the same problem on her phone (Motorola). So we would all like to know how to fix it.

Hi @davidh.1ioxdq, @checketts, and @jenniferh.npv2yf,

Thanks for the conversation and for bringing this to our attention.

I’m currently seeing only one ticket in our Help Center on this matter, so it’s not something affecting every Moto G Power we’ve sold.

I’m unable to recreate this issue on my own Moto G Power.

Neither of the above is meant to dismiss the issue you are having, but just to provide some clarity that there’s something very specific about your phones and the way they are set up that is causing this issue. Maybe there’s an app conflict. It’s going to take some careful troubleshooting to figure it out.

@jenniferh.npv2yf, thanks so much for sharing your list of apps that currently have microphone permission. I granted permission to all the same apps on my own phone, but I don’t have an Instagram account to test with, so I can’t completely duplicate your configuration.
You noted that your husband has the same setup. Does he have exactly the same apps with microphone permissions? If so, this makes me wonder if it’s something one of these apps is doing, that maybe the same app is not doing on his (or my phone.) For example, maybe a specific website you’ve visited in Chrome is trying to use the microphone (creepy!) on your phone, but not on your husbands, or mine.

Would you mind testing turning off the microphone permissions for all the apps except Republic Wireless and Phone, then rebooting the phone and see if the issue persists?

If the issue goes away in that state, then you’d want to re-enable microphone permissions one by one with testing between each one. For example, if you know you’ll want to make videos that include audio, grant microphone permission for the camera, but then test for a while before you grant permission on one of the other apps.emphasized text

@davidh.1ioxdq and @checketts, would you mind performing a similar test - turn off microphone permissions for all apps except Republic Wireless and Phone to see if the issue persists in that state, then re-enabling one-by-one?
You can get to the microphone permissions at Settings > Privacy > Permission manager > Microphone

I am trying that now. I will have to make some phone calls to see if it persists.

I am unable to make a phone call from my phone (just get an error tone when trying to dial out) in this configuration. See attached photo. Which app should I turn on microphone access for?

Please leave the microphone permissions allowed for both Republic Wireless and Phone.

In trying to follow along on this thread, when I removed Carrier Services from access to the Microphone, I got a Google Play services error

Hi @jben

Carrier Services does not show up on the permissions manager on my Moto Power, nor on the screenshot @jenniferh.npv2yf provided. Are you using a Moto Power?

I would guess it is not listed because it is granted that permission by default, because it is a system app, rather than the permission having to be approved by user choice.

For now I want to focus on the third-party apps that had to request microphone permissions rather than trying to alter system apps.

Problem occurred with Camera App enabled.

The phone is unable to use microphone for camera (to take video) and use republic App at same time.

This only occurs on WIFI.

My call was just interrupted (LTE phone call that handed over to WIFI).

Below is my configuration for microphone.

It also happened again with the Google keyboard activated.

Hi @davidh.1ioxdq,

Does it happen if only the Republic app and Phone app have the microphone permission enabled?

Could you tell me what version of the Republic app you have?

So far it is happening with “republic” & “Phone” alone… yet it also happens when one or more other apps are allowed microphone access as well. It really doesn’t seem to matter which apps are allowed microphone access.

So it seems to be happening after a WiFi handover… or after about 20 minutes of conversation. But so far that’s all I’ve been able to discover. Once it happens… it repeats the problem about every 1 minute or so of phone conversation. It just keeps disconnecting.

No problems if I make a call “off WIFI” … but I haven’t made a bunch of these calls yet. I usually use WIFI.


App version is

Same situation here, the problem persists with only phone and republic activated for microphone.

I just purchased the Moto g power and have the exact same problem as mentioned. I have dropped all permissions to phone and republic wireless app and it still occurs on wifi calling.

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Could you please list for me the exact steps you’re taking that result in this experience?

Would anyone mind sharing a list of apps on the affected phone?

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