Moto G Power and Stylus microphone sharing problem

Hi @kims.xxi4so,

I see that your question was moved into an existing topic on the matter, but no one replied to you. I’m sorry you didn’t get a reply.

We are awaiting the fix that Motorola has developed.

It is not our practice to provide an estimate of when work will be completed by other companies. We have done that in the past, and then when the work was delayed, we were accused of “stringing people along.”

Motorola has developed a solution. It is entirely their timeline to make the fix available to our members.


Thank you for your quick response. Now that I know there is a solution I will keep the Moto G Power and patiently wait for Motorola’s fix.


Thank you for that information. I look forward to Republic rolling out the appropriate fix once Motorola provides you with the solution. Kim S. (Moto G Power)

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Hi @kims.xxi4so,

A point of clarification; Republic won’t be involved in rolling out the fix per se. Like all Android operating system updates for factory unlocked phones, when Motorola is ready, Motorola will push the update directly to our phones. I have a Moto G Stylus in the household waiting as well.


Ok thanks for that clarification

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Have the same issue. But in my case it doesn’t matter if a WiFi call or a cell call. I’ve turned off the google mic access and occasionally still have the issue.
I recently had a very talkative friend call, he talked for over an hour and I think I heard about 15 minutes of the call, He had no idea I was constantly dropping the call and reconnecting.

Just had an update today on the stylus. Any feed back on the problem being addressed?

Hi @peterc.cms!

We are currently in the process of verifying a fix for this issue for the Moto G Stylus (not the Power). Could you re-enable the Google assistant and let us know if the problem pops up again?

Hi @peterc.cms,

I’ve taken the following steps:

  • installed the update to QPR30.80-58-8-3 on my Moto G Stylus
  • Re-booted the phone
  • Re-enabled the microphone permission
  • Enabled “Hey Google”
  • Turned on handover options

When I make a cell call and then move the call to WiFi, (and do it over and over and over), my Stylus no longer experiences the semi-dropped calls that look like the other phone is calling me back.

I also do not experience the “microphone sharing” error.

Have you been able to see if there’s any improvement since updating your Moto G Stylus to Android version QPR30.80-58-8-3?

@danielb.ehqp6h, @jmikhael, @jonc.yzocld, @jvnbham, @michaelb.em4ox0, @susanc.306pqm, @jenniferh.62yf3q, @barbarab.n0htwu, @danielb.ehqp6h, @cliffbailey, and any other Moto G Stylus users who might be following this topic, please check for an Android Update in
Settings > System > Advanced > System Update > Update Motorola software

We’re eager to hear from you to confirm this update solves the microphone sharing issue.


I did receive the Motorola update yesterday, and tested the handover behavior this morning and can report the issue appears to be resolved. To test, I re-enabled the “Handover to VoIP when appropriate” in the RW app (the only “workaround” I had been using), called my phone from my work phone, and was able to manually hand over between cell and WiFi and back without issues. Previously, handing back over to WiFi would have resulted in a dropped call (3 beeps, call back, etc.). Initiating calls from my Moto G stylus also appears to be without issue. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


I will report back! Had the big update yesterday and enabled mic for Google. Fingers crossed.

Curious where the handover options are.

Handover options are in the Republic Wireless App Settings /Advanced Settings

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Got it! Thanks!


So far so good. On a long wifi call I had no issues. Google mic enabled. Handover enabled.
Mic quality also was an issue on some wifi calls, also fixed.


“Microphone is being used somewhere else” notice comes on after just a few minutes on calls

Hi @happycelluser1,

Might your phone be a Moto G Power or Moto G Stylus? If so, please see here:

If your phone is not a Moto G Power or Moto G Stylus, may we know its brand, model and generation, please?

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I did what you suggested. I hope it works! Thank you so much, Donna

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