Moto G Power cable to transfer data between phone and Mac?

I recently bought a Moto G Power from RW. It comes with an USB cable to recharge it.
Can the cable be used to connect to a Mac and transfer a file, like for example a short movie ? How can you do that ?

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As indicated by @SuperT , one may indeed transfer files between a Republic phone and their Mac using a USB cable. Whether one may use the USB cable that came with one’s phone or not is a different question.

Newer Macs have USB-C ports. Older Macs have USB-A ports. So long as the USB charging cable provided by the manufacturer with one’s Republic phone has the connector required by one’s Mac, it may indeed be used. Otherwise, one might need an adapter or a different USB cable.


Thank you for your help. I did not setup the USB communication to transfer files. All works fine now. Thanks


Thanks, It is an USB-A cable used for charging, but it also works for transferring files. Thank you all for your help.

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