Moto G Power Calls Momentarily Dropping Out

Month old Moto G Power
My Choice + 1 GB plan
Data, talk and text

Conversations drop out momentarily both at home (wifi) and on the road. It only happens for a second or two, but it happens regularly. Very disappointing performance. The G4 this replaced worked better.
Thoughts? The network type of the phone is set to “LTE on (Automatic LTE/3G/2G).” Should I be on a different setting? Other ideas?

  • Thanks for answering one of the most often asked questions, ‘does this occur on Cellular, WiFi, or both’
    • As you have removed your home WiFi or Republics carrier as a possible cause, I would look to either a 3rd party app or the phone itself:
      • Could you boot up in Safe Mode, this will prevent all 3rd party apps from loading (only using this as a test) … fortunately the RW App is not disabled in this mode … if this ‘fixes’ your problem, further help can be provided to eliminate the cause
  • Automatic on (Automatic LTE/3G/2G).” would be the preferred mode, however, if wrong would not cause the problem on WiFi
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Hi, @williamj.pyxmcc,
Did you have an opportunity to go into Safe Mode to see if that made a difference?

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Hello jben,

I had the phone in safe mode on the way into work yesterday. I had two momentary drops. I am still monitoring the situation, though I am tending to believe it is the phone at this point as I only have two rather innocuous apps installed. Everything else is basically out of the box and as delivered by Republic.

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ok, so it looks like it is probably not caused by a 3rd party app. That eliminated, lets try another approach.

Hello jben,

I have wifi off now. Two good (no drop) calls from home. Two calls (with two drops each call) while mobile. Also, I am using the phone in the most basic manner possible–no bluetooth or other external factors that may confound… Any other suggestions regarding system settings? Like the phone, but I am beginning to think I have a defective one out of the box.

If it was just drops while one cellular while mobile, then it might point to a handoff between towers … but when it also happens at home on WiFi … I would side with your thought that it is the phone. I would reach out to Motorola at the link provided above.
Let us know how you make out

Hello jben,

How do I get Republic Wireless to send me a new phone? The Moto G Power was purchased new about a month ago from Republic Wireless, as provisioned by Republic Wireless with their sim card, and used exclusively on their network. Given that I am a long term customer and have never had these sorts of problems on the Republic Wireless network with my prior G4 (also sold to me by Republic Wireless), it seems the phone has issues and should be replaced under warranty.

Please advise…

Hi @williamj.pyxmcc,

You would need to open a Help Ticket and work through troubleshooting with our Help Team. They will carefully work through a series of steps to try to isolate the issue, including testing the phone after a factory reset, with no apps installed.

Please note, however, that your phone’s warranty is actually with Motorola. The manufacturer warrants the phone to be free of manufacturing defects for 1 year. Republic Wireless does not offer a warranty.


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